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Due to the continuous running of towns, town loyalty is a work in progress and may be taken down to fix any errors. Only select towns are available but more towns may be added in the future.

Town Loyalty

Take pride in becoming a loyal citizen to a town! Help your town grow* by donating resources and in return, the town will offer you bonuses such as trade contracts with guilds for character bonuses and extra bonuses for performing tasks around the town.

Participating towns have a town throne that displays their town information.

  • Disclaimer: towns do not actually physically 'grow' and 'change' but are represented by values but you already knew that.

Becoming a Citizen

You may choose to become a citizen of any available town by using your dropdown menu and selecting Town Loyalty.

Due to hostilities between certains towns and races, you may start at a disadvantage if you choose to join a town that is hostile to your race. Other than the initial loyalty points disadvantage, there are no other penalties.

Once you are a citizen of a town, you will accumulate loyalty points as you donate items to the town. Any other loyalty points you have for other towns will begin to decrease. You must also log on every 40 hours or else your loyalty points will begin to decrease. You cannot go below 0 points.

As your loyalty goes up, you get extra bonuses around the town

- Up to an extra 10% gold when selling your loot in town.

- Increased reward level when completing guard quests.

- Up to an extra 20% bonus gold when jobbing.

- The guards acknowledge your greatness as you pass them.

You may repledge your loyalty to another town after 72 hours. Loyalty points do not transfer over to the new town.


To run the town, you must be a citizen of the town and be nominated to run for governor. Another citizen must provide the nomination. There is a limit of 5 nominations per election.

Only citizens of that town may vote. Only one vote per account even if you have multiple citizens of that town. You cannot change your vote once it has been cast.

An election cycle runs for 7 [real-time] days. At the end of this time, the one with the most votes is declared the governor. If there is a tie, the timer is extended another day until a winner is declared.

One governor per account per town.

The governor must log on at least every 30 days to continue being governor or the town will re-enter nominations and elections again. During this time, the town will mostly stop running.

As governor, you will have to make the tough choices in how the town is run and decide what to do when certain opportunities or problems arise as well how to embellish the town in your greatness. Although most bonuses are based on the person's loyalty title, there are some that are based on the town's population capacity.

Running the Town

The town's success is based on 4 resources: gold, infrastructure supplies, armament supplies and farming supplies.

Gold is donated through the City Herald located in Asgard. You may donate gold coins or gold bars. Gold bars give a 10gp per bar bonus.

All supplies are donated through the Trade Minister located in Asgard. Drop the item or a bag onto the Trade Minister and it will be sorted for what can be donated. Most supplies are accepted. See below for each category what is accepted.

Towns are based on size with small, medium and large towns. Size determines how many amenities can be placed around the town, how many guards can be placed to protect the town and the maximum amount of families can live in the town. All of these can add up in cost when running the town. Large towns have a maximum of 100 families where small towns have a maximum of 60 families. Larger towns will require more supplies and time to run properly.

Desireability has a large impact whether families come to your town. Various things impact desirability such as supplies being donated on a regular basis, the town is kept free of problems and decisions are made promptly.

Periodic Costs

Every 2 to 5 days (real time), depending on which supply, costs to run the town are deducted from the town's vault and the town's appearance is upgraded automatically. The amount deducted is based on the spending priorities. There is always a minimum amount to be deducted.

Town Upgrades

The town is automatically updated whenever there is enough gold in the vaults to cover appearance changes and depending what spending priorities you have set.


All towns get a basic banner. Upgraded banners will only appear if the gold spending priority is set higher. Each town gets their own personal banner.

The amount of gold required in the vault is based on the town size from 300,000 gold for a small town to 500,000 gold for a large town.


Better guards are placed around the town if the priority is set and the gold vault milestone has been reached. Each town size has a different requirement for the amount of gold. The minimum for a medium town is 1,500,000 gold in the vault and a large town with 5,000,000 gold in the vault.


Statue upgrades is based on the amount of gold in the vaults. Once a town has reached their first gold milestone, a statue will be placed at an appropriate location. These locations cannot be changed. A small town requires 600,000 gold in the vault while a large town requires 1,000,000 gold.

Costs to maintain the statues also go up with a large town requiring 100 gold per cycle up to 200 gold per cycle for top level statues.


Once donated, gold and supplies are non-refundable.

Unless otherwise noted below, all items are donated at 1:1.

All supplies have an effect for having too little or too many in storage. Having not enough supplies can cause worry among the townspeople and families will leave. Having too many supplies can cause a variety of problems. Too many supplies is 20% above what the population can handle. It is based on the current number of families living in the town, not the maximum the town can have.


Gold is used to run the city, pay for and the upkeep of town embellishments such as statues to the governor, lights and banners and pay the town guards to keep the citizens safe. Some things are automatic upgrades when the town reaches certain milestones and depending on spending priorities. These upgrades can include banners hanging from public buildings, the quality of guards deployed within the town's walls and monuments placed around the town (not including governor-bought amenities).

Gold is donated at 100:1 (every 100gp gives you 1 loyalty point).

Infrastructure Support Supplies

These are used to build and support structures for your town and attract families. Infrastructure is the lifeblood of the town. Lack of supplies will cause the town to decay which can result in homeless camps being set up. Too many supplies in storage can attract organized crime.

The town requires a minimum of 3000 supplies or else it is in disrepair. Disrepair happens when the town begins to fall apart with pot holes appearing in the streets and cracks appearing on walls. As more supplies approach 3000, the town will repair itself. When the town is in good repair, supplies to maintain the town are deducted once per day.

The amount of support needed is based on your town size and the current population of your town.

Items Accepted: nails/studs (amount divided by 10), lumber, wood, ore, ingots.

Support supplies is donated at 10:1 (every 10 supplies is 1 loyalty point).

Armament Supplies

To keep your town safe, you need to have a steady amount of weapons available for your town guards.

Some towns already have existing guards and warriors for hire (such as Zarkesh). They will also need arming and payment for their services. These existing guards cannot be removed.

Items Accepted: weapons/shields.

Farming Supplies

To keep your population from starving, you need food. If there is a surplus of food, rats and trolls are attracted to the spoilage and can eat through your food supplies. To combat the rats, make sure you have ample cats or dogs within the town's borders to kill the rats. You may have to go find some and release them within the town. Trolls will require you to get rid of them or having enough town guards around.

Spoilage is determined by having enough food for the current population for 30 days. Anything above that is spoilage and can attract scavengers.

Items Accepted: domestic animal pet deeds (10pts), food (except ingredients), fish

Farming supplies, except animal pet deeds, are donated at 10:1. Animal pet deeds are 1:10.

Timers and Oversurplus

As mentioned above, bad things can happen if there are too many supplies in storage. All times are listed in real time but for interest, 1 real day is 60 days game time. The timers are set to be more convenient in real-time.


Elections: 1 week

Town building supplies:

Disrepair: 1 hour

Good condition: 1 day

Gold deductions for town upgrades: 4 days

Gold payment for guards: 4 days

Armaments for guards: 5 days

Food Given: 2 days

Bought Amenities: none


Infrastructure: 40% supplies over current amount of families, each family requires roughly 400 supplies to be housed

Armaments: 1 guard per 20 families

Farm: 30 days per family

  • Timers may change over time as town loyalty is modified so use these numbers as a guide.


There are two types of events that can happen.

Governor events: These require governor input to resolve them. They come up now and then. A poor decision can cause families to leave your town. Governor events are described in more detail below.

Citizen events: These are events that anyone can do. They may require wiping out an intruding force or clearing up an undesirable area. If items need to be destroyed, you may have to use (double-click) them or throw an exploding potion at them to blow them up.

If the event is not cleared up, it can cause adverse effects on the town. For example, having a large homeless population camp outside of town may affect families wanting to come live in the town or lower the desireability of those living in town.

Event Notes

If protestors show up, the best way to get rid of them is either to kill them or give them a small bribe. If you kill them, they are blue-named so you may lose some virtue. The bribe is usually between 500-1000 gold; if you do not give enough, you can top up the gold as it will still count towards the total they need to leave. They may also accept some wearable items as a bribe too.

Poachers won't learn their lesson so they have to be treated as a hostile. Wipe them out!

Invasive animals such as mice can be dealt with a couple of ways. First, you can go to town and personally wipe them out yourself. Another option is to tame then release some cats or dogs who will hunt down the mice. They will need to be placed where the mice are most likely to be as they do not wander too far from where you leave them.

Governor Options

As governor, there are a number of options you may pick to enhance your town.

Supply Spending Priority Options

Each resource has a spending priority. Each level increases the spending required but can reduce potential problems as they arise.

Gold Priority

Basic, Fancy, Majestic

Setting it higher will have items cost more to maintain but the vault is harder to break into when it comes to thieves or organized crime attempting to break into your vault.

If the town has any upgrades (statues, banners), gold to maintain them is spent every 4 days.

Armaments Priority

Basic, Warriors, Town Guards, Elite Guards

Additional guards can be hired to protect the town. These guards are automatically deployed or withdrawn at the next cost cycle if you make a change to the priority. The amount of guards available is based on your town size and the amount of gold available in the vault. For example, only a large town with 5 million gold in the vault can hire elite guards. Higher-level guards are more durable but can still be killed. Killed guards will be replaced again at the town's expense at the next cost cycle.

The amount of elite/normal/warriors you're allowed per town is shown as follows...

5M Gold 1.5M-2M Gold <1.5M Gold
Large town 6/3/0 3/2/1 0/1/3
Medium town - 2/2/2 0/2/2
Small town - - 0/1/3

Infrastructure Priority

Basic, Repairs Only, Upscale Housing

As priority increases, you spend more supplies making the town look better and there is a chance that more people will come to your town. Increased priority also has an effect on governor decisions. Some decisions will have a higher chance of succeeding if the decision is based on catering to the higher class along with increased spending priorities. Having decreased priorities means that some decisions may increase the families leaving your town if a bad decision is made.

Food Spending

Basic, Organic

Families need 0.5 supplies each cycle. Setting it higher will increase the amount to 1.0 supplies given to families but the chance for spoilage is greatly reduced. Spoilage attracts rats and trolls inside the town which can affect more food being stolen and guards being killed if their are overwhelmed.

Set Town Motto

Whenever a person crosses into the town's boundary, they will get a special message.

Buy Amenities

Need to spruce up the town a bit? Buy some statues, trees, or other interesting items to adorn the town, color them and rename them. There is an added cost to maintaining them.

You may only buy items at special amenity tiles. These tiles originally look like a red block and can be transformed into what is available on the menu.

Throne Options

The default throne isn't big enough for a person of your stature? Have the peasants pay towards the town's vault and upgrade to a different chair fit for a king/queen as yourself. Why should Odin get all the best places to park his behind?

Trade Contracts

Trade contracts allow you to invite a trade guild to your town for a monetary fee. The fee is based on the size of your town. The larger your town, the smaller the fee.

Trade contracts last for one week. You may make a new trade contract but there are no refunds for existing ones.

Guild Bonus
Guild of Arcane Arts +5% Spell Damage Increase
Society of Clothiers +1% Resist bump to all resists
Bardic Collegium +2 Stamina Regeneration
Order of Engineers +30 Dexterity Bonus
Guild of Healers 5% Bandage Healing Bonus
Maritime Guild +2 Hit Point Regeneration
Merchant's Association +2 Mana Regeneration
Mining Cooperative +30 Strength Bonus
League of Rangers +30 Intelligence Bonus
Guild of Assassins +5% Swing Speed Increase
Warrior's Guild +5% Hit Chance Increase

All trade contracts do not require activation and are automatically given depending on the situation. For the contracts with str/int/dex increases, you will get the bonus when logging on as a special spell buff that lasts 6 hours. Relogging will refresh it.

Sell Surplus Supplies

Whenever you have a surplus of supplies, you may offer them for sale. Why sell excess supplies? You must maintain a balance between your population and the amount of supplies on hand otherwise excess supplies can cause an imbalance with the town (such as having more food than the population can consume can lead to trolls raiding your farm supplies causing families to leave and killing your guards leading to increased crime).

You may have one offer for each of armaments, infrastructure and farming supplies. When you put up an offer to sell, the amount is deducted from your supplies and cannot be used. To add more to an existing offer, set the amount you wish to add. To remove an offer, set the amount to sell to 0. To reset the price, you must first remove your offer then create a new offer.

Buy Surplus Supplies

Browse through the menu what is available to buy. If there is nothing in that category for sale, the button will be removed. You may purchase any amount up to the maximum listed. If you buy the same item again from the same town, it will be added to any existing purchases.

All purchases are to be made through the town's gold vault. If you do not have enough gold in the vault to cover the costs, you must first add to the town's vault.

After the purchase is complete, a delivery merchant will deliver the items to your town. This merchant will depart from the seller's town at regular intervals, will walk a short distance from the town and reappear a short distance from the buyer's town. This route cannot be changed. If there are any hostile monsters around, it is your responsibility to ensure their safety. You may purchase an armed escort service for an additional 1000 gold (check the box at the top of the menu). These armed guards will only show up during the run if the merchant is stopped by a hostile monster. There is no guarantee they will be able to defeat the monster.

Town Problem

Every now and then, a problem comes up that only the governor can address. The problem is shown on the menu. When you attempt to solve the problem, you are given a list of possibilities. The solution to your problem can change depending on your town statistics: how many families are living there, what is the general mood, how desireable is your town, the amount of immigration to emigration, how satisfied your population is with the food and security.

If you do not solve the problem within 10 days of the problem emerging, families may leave due to dissatisfaction with the leadership of the town.


An opportunity to help the town can come up now and then. Depending on your town stats, you may be given a choice to sell 100 supplies to a traveling merchant for a set price or be given a chance to increase your town's population by paying out some gold from the town's vault.

Opportunities only arise once the throne menu is opened by the governor. It may disappear again once you close the menu so if opportunity comes knocking, check it and answer quickly before doing anything else.


  • When starting, having infrastructure supplies is more important than the other resources as you need to build up your town (it starts in a decrepit status). Once your town is out of decrepit status, families will start to arrive more frequently.
  • When starting, it is easy to provide oversurplus of items to the town resulting in bad things happening. Keep an eye on how much is being donated.
  • Overcaps are usually measured by how many current families are living in the town not town maximums.
  • If too much is donated, move it to be sold where it will stay until it is sold or canceled.
  • It can be difficult to attract families. Set the building to luxury to attract more families. This increases infrastructure spending but you have a better chance of attracting more families.
  • Governors need to check the throne often. Opportunities come up very fast and some are very good.
  • The statistics page has useful information but allow some variance to it as it deals in exact numbers.