Town Guards

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Town Guards serve to protect the town from invading beasts. They will not come running if you call for them but they will come running if a beast is attacking you. They also offer personal quests for those brave enough to take them.


If a beast comes into a town intent on doing harm, town guards will not fight them. Instead, they are transported to Rimstone Abbey's graveyard. If you were recently knocked-out or deathcried and the monster who looted you got too close to a guard, you will have to go to Rimstone Abbey to retrieve your possessions.


Guards offer two types of quests for a variety of rewards. All guards use a 20-quest cycle pool. At the beginning of the pool, the reward for completing the quest is usually a small monetary amount and some virtue. In the last 5 quests of the pool, you will also have a chance to gain a reward such as magic items, decorations and a bag filled with possible treasure items.


Quests are simple monsters usually in an area close to a town.


A bounty is a harder quest where the guard will send you to a remote area of the map to fight a hard monster. In addition to any monetary rewards, you will also get virtue and the chance to gain a weapon or armor upgrade kit.

Lost Henchmen or Pets

If you can not find your henchmen or pets, find a town guard and say status. For a small fee of 1000gp, they will search the world for your lost henchmen and pets. For a slightly larger fee of 5000gp, they will summon your henchmen or pet straight to you.

If you are having a problem hiring a new henchman and you know that you are under the account limit, you can say check my henchmen to any town guard and they will go through the master registry list and remove any henchmen that are dead or no longer under your command. This is a free service.


It is rumored that guards are quite wealthy and are prime targets for rogues. It is also rumored that guards have extremely rare items on them.