The Seven Sins

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The Seven Sins: envy, pride, wrath, greed, lust, gluttony and sloth. Someone has discovered a sinister-looking crypt housing the last remaining essences of the Seven Sins and is attempting to capture them to turn into a powerful weapon to destroy Ilshenar (and presumably the rest of Valhalla). However, the Seven Sins will not give up their essences that easily and require you to perform their last duty which gave way to their sin.


The Seven Sins is a non-linear, self-contained story with RP elements. After completing the initial conversation and finding the Hall of Sins, you can complete the events in any order. After all have been completed, you will face an epic showdown with the mysterious stranger who commissioned the gathering of the Sins.


To start the quest, you must visit Zandra the Shieldmaiden located at the Mistas inn. She will tell you what you need to know to get started on your quest as well as provide help and be able to reset an event in case something goes wrong. You must initially visit her to start the quest. Once you have gained entrance to the Hall of Sins, you will be able to access each event by simply walking over the sin's epitaph on the floor. This will ensure the sin can be done and all elements are set up before you set off on your adventure. Some events can only be completed by one person while other events can be completed and handed in as a group. In the case of solo events, you will have to walk over the tiles, set it up, complete it, then the next person does the same thing.

  • All NPCs require spoken/text interaction.

Quest Completion

Some quests require finding and returning an item. Find the item and return to the Hall of Sins. Walk over the epitaph and if the correct item is in your backpack, it will automatically be removed and your quest status updated. Other items require a completion of a task. Once it is done, return to the Hall of Sins and walk over the epitaph to complete it.

  • All items only have a 3 day life. Once you have gain the needed item, it is a good idea to return it to whomever requested it as soon as possible. If you lose an item, you may have to reset the quest by going back to Zandra and asking her to 'reset [sin]' such as 'reset envy'.


Do not look at the walk-through unless you are really stuck or you want spoilers.

The Seven Sins Walk-through


You may choose 1 from the ticket section and 1 from the prize section. All prizes are listed in the Seven Sins Rewards.


Each of the Sins is an actual Norse hero (or heroine) and their Sin is based on their actual story. The difference is that it is twisted to fit into the sin. There are 5 male sins and 2 female sins (Urse and Hervor).

Tyrfing is a weapon featured heavily in norse stories. In the quest to find Tyrfing, you are warning not to wield the sword. The sword is wieldable and if you look at the stats while wielding it, you will see it is the most powerful sword on Valhalla (even greater than the staffs the GMs carry with them). Using the weapon is at your own risk if you don't know the story behind it...