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Trained By: Baker, Barkeep, Butcher, Cobbler, Tailor

Allows you to walk around while hidden. You must have at least 71 hiding, already be hidden and can not be in war mode or mounted.

When you use stealth you are limited in the number of steps that you can take. The base is your (stealth / 10) + 1. There are bonuses however for higher skills. If your stealth is a secondary skill, you get 5 extra steps. If your skill is a primary, you will get 10 extra steps. This means that someone with 100 stealth can take 21 steps before revealing themselves. However, there is a skillcheck for each step that you take. If you fail the skillcheck, you will reveal yourself even if it was your first step.

This skill only allows you to move without alerting people around you that you are there. If you attempt to attack a creature while hiding and using stealth, you will reveal yourself.

To set a macro, use "say" .stealth instead of "useskill" stealth. Using "useskill" will cause you to come out of hiding.