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Title: Pickpocket
Trained By: Bard, Barkeep

Stealing is a naughty thing to do but it's so much fun! Henchmen, guards and monsters have a variety of loot for you to attempt to pickpocket. However, this skill will not work on players, player vendors or wandering healers.

Valhalla uses the Notoriety System to determine what can be stolen at what level. At the highest level is when you are known to a guard (either keeping an eye on you due to a past transgression or they will chase you out of town). This is your best chance to steal something good when the guard is distracted with watching you. They are often filled with rage at seeing you that it makes them an easier mark for you to lift something good out of their pockets. Next up is monsters chasing you. While they are trying to fight you, it makes them an easier target.

In the addition to the Notoriety System, there are two different ways to pickpocket:

  • Grab and Dash: The simplest method of stealing. Simply run up to the target and pickpocket them. Results in the lowest amount of gold and/or goods stolen.
  • Casual Pickpocket: One that takes a little more time to accomplish. Stand behind the person and pick their pockets when they are not looking. If you are facing the same direction as the target, you will be able to loot better items.

Certain items can only be stolen from certain targets. For example, order shields can only be stolen from the Order Guards. There is a low chance that you can steal something this big from the guard.

If you are caught stealing by a guard or a henchman, you will be flagged as a criminal. This means if you go back to town as a criminal before the flag has worn off, the guards will chase you out and keep their eye on you when you return. If guards catch you trying to steal from them, they will brand you a criminal and constantly chase you out of town whenever they see you. Perhaps time will make them forget your face.

There are a variety of items that can be stolen ranging from gold to tokens to special items that can only be found on monsters. Smaller items such as gold or tokens can be picked up more easily whereas larger items have a lesser chance. Some magical items have a greater chance to be stolen from monsters than found anywhere else in the game.

When you steal, whatever you get (if anything) will go into your grab bag if you have a .grab bag set.

Stealing Requirements

There is no list for the requirements to be able to steal from each NPC. Generally, guards require 100 stealing while many other mid-level monsters require 80 stealing. Merchants require 80 stealing with a very low chance to steal a unique item. Henchmen are usually not as smart and only require 60 stealing. The higher the level the NPC, the better the item that can be stolen. Some items can only be stolen at the highest level.

Special Areas

Those with high stealing (106+) have a chance to steal unique items from the denizens of certain Tokuno dungeons. These are items unique to the Tokuno realm.