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This is a simple starting guide upon entering Asgard. More information about each of the topics can be found through-out the wiki.

Check out the Character Creation guide for setting up your character's name, race, etc. This guide takes place after you travel from the Hall of Heroes to Asgard.

Once you are happy with who you are, now is the time to exit the Hall of Heroes. Simply run north to the end and take the teleporter out located on the ship.

  • Note: if you do not like the selection you made after leaving the Hall of Heroes, page and when a GM is available, they will put you back in the Hall of Heroes for free. This is only for new players. You can change your class and race anytime you want for a small fee by using the Registrar.


Welcome to the City of the Gods! This is the central city of Valhalla Lost where most people do their business and hang around. You will be dropped off at the docks south of the Central Bank of Asgard on the main highway. You will likely be spending a lot of your time around here.

use the Tour Guide and take a tour around the important places of Asgard. It's free and you will not get stuck as the Tour Guide returns you back to the original position.

Some Useful Keyboard Commands

Alt-P: opens your paperdoll. Also by double-clicking yourself. Alt-I: opens your inventory (backpack). Also by double-clicking your backpack in your paperdoll. Alt-K: opens your skill book. Alt-R: shows your radar. Alt-O: opens your options window. Right Mouse Click (and hold): move around

Some Useful Dot Commands

We use a dot command system here for accessing extra commands. Place a dot/period in front of the command such as [i].help[/i]. .dotcommands: lists all dot commands available. .options: character options (different from client options). .spec: set up your specializations. .grab: grabs everything around you in your set grab bag (use .grab bag to set one up) else puts into main bag. .ability: some abilities require manual activation. .door: opens or closes all doors around you. .e: short for emote, allows your character to say or act with a various amount of emotes. .exp: shows your current experience. .msg: allows you to message another player. .own: set or remove an owner's mark on your items. .reg: shows a list of your reagents. .shapechange: if you have a shapechange graphic, changes to it or back again. .virtue: shows your virtue. Many dot commands take additional parameters as they do multiple things. Most dot commands have a help section if you place help after the command. Such as [i].grab help[/i].

Starting Gold

Once you have exited the Hall of Heroes, you will automatically receive your starting gold. This is only a one-time gift for your first character.

New Player Powerup Book

This book will raise your primary skills to 100, secondary skills to 80 and give you 20,000 exp to buy your first ability. You do not have to use this book if you prefer to earn your skills the hard way. Do not use this book later on though as it may reduce your skills back to 100. [i]This book is only available for your first character and can only be used by your first character. Other characters will get a minor boost when they set their specializations for the first time.[/i]

New Player Tutorial Book

This book has many topics pertaining to a new player to the game and Valhalla Lost such as how the dot command system works, how to talk to merchants and tips on quick shortcuts such as looting. Some topics have a small task attached to it. If you complete the task, you will get a reward.

Realm Map

This is also a one-time item with limited uses but more can be crafted or bought from player vendors. The map will show you where you are when above ground and has some useful features such as landmarks, showing your death location and offering a free recall back to Asgard for your first several hours of playing. There are more hidden features in the map as well... depending what skills you have!

Personal Options

Use the dot command .options to show your personal options. There are many additional options to how your character will function within the game world and many are account-wide meaning you only have to set them once. There are many quick macro options such as drinking a potion or putting on a bandage automatically when you are at a certain amount of life.

What To Do

So now that you've arrived here, what can you do? Whether you used the new player book or starting from scratch, it is always good to check out the basics.

Setting Your Character up

Don't be in a rush to hunt monsters! By taking a few minutes to learn how to set your character up, life will be much easier.

  • Set your character .options. There are many good character options that will automate tasks for you, such as putting on a bandage when you are hurt.
  • Set your loot bag. Instead of opening the corpse and hand picking through the loot, simply use [.grab bag] to set up a bag to put all loot. Every time you use .grab, it will loot all corpses around you! Then you can sell the bag's content to a merchant.
  • Learn to set macros. Under your options [ALT-O] is an action key center. By setting up a macro to SAY .grab, you can easily use a keyboard shortcut to grab your loot!
  • Look through .help and .dotcommands for a list of useful quick shortcuts. You can set up to 3 .arm settings - useful if you are a ranger and need to switch between bow and a weapon.

Gaining Gold

There are a few things they can do while waiting to get strong enough to explore and hunt and craft. The first is finding a job. By asking vendorname job (where vendorname is the vendor's name), they will give you a job to do. The job is done automatically as long as you are standing still. When you are finished, just drop the bag back on the same vendor and they will give you gold based on the quality of your work. At lower levels, this may only be a few gold. Vendors only have so many jobs so when they have no more work for you, you will have to find another one. You may only job up to 2,500 gold per 24 hours.

Another method of making money is package delivery. Find a vendor and ask vendorname quest where vendorname is the name of the vendor. If they have a package to be delivered, they will ask if you will take it. For new players, it is advisable to stay within Asgard as some packages might be delivered to other towns.

Training Skills

Valhalla Lost uses two methods of gaining skills: At lower levels, skills can be raised by using them. For example, if you try to pick some carrots for yourself, your lumberjacking skill will slowly raise. This is good for lower levels but can take longer as you progress into the higher levels. NPC merchants train your skills which you then practice over time. Just drop any amount of gold on a vendor and they will tell you what they will train and how much skill gain you will get for that amount of gold. The skills that each vendor will train can be found in Skill Trainers. Once you have paid the vendor, all you need to do is play the game, let time pass and your skills will go continue to raise. To speed up the training, log at an Inn where an Innkeeper resides.

New Player House

North of the Gates of Asgard is the new player house. Here, you will find books on various subjects and tools to use. There is also a new player barrel outside the house. Take what you need but please do not take everything. These are donations given by players to help new players.

Hunting Monsters

When you are ready to do some fighting, guards also provide employment. Find a guard and ask guardname quest where guardname is the name of the guard. The guard will tell you the name of a creature that has been bothering him and ask you to slay it. For new players, try to find quests that are near Asgard. Once you have slayed the creature, cut off its head (by using a dagger on the corpse - sometimes you will not get the head right away so try to aim for the corpse's feet) and drop it on the guard for your reward.

New Player Hunting Areas

If you haven't already, you should put your gold into your bank (by saying bank to the banker) before you go hunting. You do not die right away in Valhalla, as explained in the Death System, but you can die after you get knocked-out so many times and it can be bothersome finding your stuff again. If you die and are under 10,000 experience points, you will resurrect immediately near the Gates of Asgard.

Near Asgard bank is the cathedral and graveyard where the dead will not stay dead. The graveyard itself is fairly easy but once you go into the crypts, it can get slightly harder. The further you venture in, the harder it becomes. If you want to slay the dead (especially for those who are necromancers to gain necromancer reagents), there is also another graveyard north of Asgard. Simply follow the trail north until you get to a fork in the road and go east.

The best place to start is the wildlife around Asgard Castle. The castle is located east from the Gates of Asgard. Go over the bridge and you will find many creatures in the forest. If you are new, try not to wander too far away to make sure you can get back again. As you travel further away from Asgard, the creatures you encounter will start getting harder. Always keep to the main paths so you can easily get back to the city again.

Another good area is East Asgard swamps. Asgard is broken into 3 districts: central Asgard where you first appeared, South Asgard Island which is a housing development and East Asgard Island which is also housing and a swamp. To get to either, go south to the docks and there are two teleports that will take you there. The swamps have many easy monsters to slay.


There are many friendly players around so if you are in need, don't be shy. Page for a GM if you have questions and one will try to respond quickly if they are on. If not, they will leave a note in your backpack.