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Welcome to Valhalla Wiki

...the lands were ruled by Gods. There were Nine Worlds upon which many great battles were fought. These monumental battles were fought between realms, races, guilds, tribes and gods alike; there was one battle yet to be... this battle to end all battles would come to be known as: Ragnarok.

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Welcome to Valhalla Lost

Shard Information Staff
Rules and Regulations Admins: Odin Freya
Applying For An Account Staff: Brono Hugin Lapis Mani Munin Skadi Sol Thor Uller Volund
Required Files
Frequently Asked Questions Support: Bear  0z

Character Guide

New Character Character Information
Character Creation Experience Points
Classes Roleplaying
Races Skill Trainers
Special Abilities Stat Caps
Starting Guide Virtue Points and Titles

Valhalla's World

Game Basics World Information Ongoing Quests
How To... Areas and Races Adventurer's Guild
Death System Beastiary Armor of the Einherjar
Dot Commands Dungeons Bounty Hunter
Help Maps of the Known Worlds Champion Spawns
Hunger Specialized NPCs Guild Events
Logging Out Towns Headhunters
Lost and Found Town Guards Librarian Quest
Ownership Travel System Questgivers
Recalling Vendors The Seven Sins
The Unforgiven
Weapon of the Einherjar
World Events
Player Information Guides Items & Equipment
Alignment Dancing Armor
Character Changes Housing Boats
Player Guilds Henchmen Enchanted Items
Player Vendors Mail Identifying Magics
Resurrection Player vs Player Keys
Weddings Roleplaying Items
Roleplaying Order Guilds Magic Wands
Taming Relics
UO-AutoMap Tickets
UO Cartographer Weapons

Player Skills

Combat Skills Crafting Skills Magic Skills Bard/Rogue Skills Other Skills
Combat Crafting Overview Alchemy Detect Hidden Anatomy
Elemental Combat Blacksmithy Animal Lore Hiding Camping
Archery Cartography Chivalry Lockpicking Discordance
Arms Lore Cooking Invocation Musicianship Healing
Fencing Fishing Magery Peacemaking Leadership
Macefighting Inscription Magic Resistance Provocation Poisoning
Swordsmanship Leatherworking Meditation Stealing Tactics
Parry Lumberjacking Necromancy Stealth Taming
Wrestling Masonry Tracking
Mining Veterinary

Special Events

Seasonal Competition PVP
Alligator Hunting Crafting Quest Cage of Death
Bear Hunting Delling's Tarot Game Teams vs Monsters
Deer Hunting Gold Strike Game Serpent Pit PvP
Fall Festival Odyssey
Holiday Hunting Scavenger Hunt
Rabbit Hunting Sol's Treasure Map
Tasks of the Gods

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