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The Spellweaver uses their knowledge of the natural order of things to achieve great power in their spells. The Spellweaver cannot simply pick up a spellbook like a mage and begin casting. They require careful thought and study before they are able to wield their devastating spells onto their enemies. Only Spellweavers can cast from the Spellweaver Spellbook although all classes can cast from the scrolls. High level Spellweavers can cast the spell from the spellbook holding any weapons.

This class is considered to be a hardcore character. There are no special abilities and many tertiary skills as well as some trade skills will only go to 40 instead of 60. To start as a Spellweaver, you must complete a new quest storyline starting with the Disciple. As a disciple, you are very limited in your skills, have limited access to goods and services and must complete a quest from the Spellweaver Trainer before you are accepted into the Spellweavers.

Special Skill Magic Resistance
Primary Skills Invocation
Secondary Skills Camping
Impaired Skills Anatomy
Max Base AR* 21
Spells Available
1st Circle Clumsy
Create Food
Magic Arrow
Reactive Armor
2nd Circle Agility
Magic Trap
Magic Untrap
3rd Circle Bless
Magic Lock
Wall of Stone
4th Circle Arch Cure
Arch Protection
Greater Heal
5th Circle Dispel Field
Magic Reflection
Mind Blast
6th Circle Dispel
Energy Bolt
7th Circle Chain Lightning
Energy Field
Flame Strike
Gate Travel
Mass Dispel
8th Circle Earthquake
Summon Air Elemental
Summon Earth Elemental

  • The maximum base ar is determined from a base piece of armor with no additional bonuses.
  • Spells available refers to spells cast from a spellbook. All spells can be cast from scrolls.
  • Impaired skills are skills that will only go to 40 points.


Before you can cast a spell from the Spellweaver spellbook, you must obtain an Arcane Focus Crystal. This crystal determines the power and/or duration of your spells. First you must stand upon a pentagram or arcane circle (made by the pentagram or arcane circle deed, found as loot in treasure chests). Cast Arcane Circle and you will have the Arcane Focus Crystal in your pack until you log off. If you do not have a pentagram or arcane circle, you can find one near the Spellweaver Trainer.

High level Spellweavers can cast these spells while holding a weapon and shield if they pass a skillcheck with 90 Animal Lore (to be 100% successful, you must have 110 Animal lore).

  • You can drag the spell icons from the spellbook onto your desktop.

Spell Damage Type Word of Power Mana Cost Minimum Skill Description
Arcane Circle Myrshalee 24 0 Creates an Arcane Focus Crystal which enhances your spellweaving spells. The more players casters (mage, spellweavers, druids, etc) and henchmen with medium intelligence standing around you when you cast, the greater the power your arcane crystal will possess.
Attunement Haeldril 24 0 For the duration of the spell, Magic Reflection will be automatically placed on you. The duration is based on your Arcane Focus with a minimum of 10 seconds and up to 60 seconds.
Gift of Renewal Olorisstra 24 0 Repeatedly heals yourself for a short period of time.
Nature's Fury Physical Rauvvrae 24 0 Creates an uncontrollable swarm of wasps that attack nearby enemies.
Immolating Weapon N/A Thalshara 32 10 Enchants your melee weapon with extra fire damage for a short duration.
Thunderstorm Energy Erelonia 32 10 Creates a large thunderstorm in the area.
Arcane Empowerment Aslavdra 50 24 Enhances all spellweaving healing and damaging spells by 15% per focus for a short duration. Duration is based on your (animal lore skill / 2) * 60 seconds * focus bonus up to 4 minutes maximum.
Ethereal Voyage Orlavdra 32 24 Always you to immediately go to the city of your choice on your current realm.
Reaper Form Tarisstree 34 24 Turns you into a reaper giving additional stat bonus buffs.
Gift of Life Illorae 70 38 If you die while the spell is active, you will be instantly resurrected with health based on your Arcane Focus.
Summon Fey Alalithra 10 38 Summons one or more controllable pixies.
Summon Fiend Nylisstra 10 38 Summons one or more controllable imps.
Dryad Allure Rathril 40 52 Charms a humanoid monster into doing your bidding. You may charm up to 4 monsters at once. You can only charm hostile humanoid monsters.
Essence of Wind Cold Anathrae 40 52 Blows cold air over your opponent, causing damage over time.
Wildfire Fire Haelyn 50 66 Creates a wall of wildfire that damages anyone who enters it.
Word of Death Energy Nyraxle 50 83 Does a massive amount of damage on monsters with low health.

Changing Classes

If you wish to change classes to any of the three hardcore classes (Crusader, Revenant or Spellweaver), you may change using the character change gate or visiting one of the trainers to 'defect'. The latter is free whereas the change gate requires a paid trip from the Registrar. If you change to another class that is not a known hardcore class, changing back will require you to start as a Disciple again (and your skills will be reduced due to the low caps). If you are not a hardcore class and wish to change to one, you will have to start as a Disciple.

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