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There are many special stores all over Valhalla that sell unique equipment, items and other goods. Some of these stores take gold but many take special tickets that come from a variety of sources such as monster drops, hidden around towns, events or raids.

Only the core goods are listed at each store. Some stores change their goods from time to time so check with them to see what new inventory has come in.

Buri's Boutique

Located in Zarkesh. Takes Buri Tickets which are found in the Crystal Dragon Dungeon on Ilshenar and from various raids. Behind the black doors are some of the most hideous items found on the shard. Mostly deco items in Buri's color but there are some notable usable items and equippable items.

Item Cost Description
Henchie Steroids 5 Buffs your henchmen's important combat skills by 10 for 20 minutes.

Myrrdin's Exchange

Located in the Hall of the Fallen, East of the main Asgard Bank. Myrrdin takes your unwanted magics and gives out stone tokens. Use the stone tokens to buy from his shop.

Item Stone Tokens Description
Neutralizing Oil 5 Removes elemental damage from a weapon.
Crushed Tokens 10 Adds charges to your gate crystal if you do not have any chipped rocks.
Rune of Returning 75 Returns to your last known corpse position. Keep one in your pack at all times.
Cult Kool-aid 100 Instant death to yourself... why... who knows but it's a best selling item.
Combat Experience Token 150 Resets your daily experience cap.
Honor Ticket 150 Adds 150 honor.
Experience Ticket 350 Adds 500-1000 experience.
Color Deed Ticket 200 Recolor your weapons or armor using laminate kits.
Pet Rename Deed 5 Renames your pet, henchmen or vendor (allows spaces and longer names).
Pet Cage 200 Portable stablemaster.
Relics 350 - 1000 A variety of Relics - see the store for detailed descriptions.
Magic Ball 2,500 A fun deco toy that predicts your future.
Magic Mirror 10,000 Receive Myrrdin's Blessing if you can figure it out.

Odin's Emporium

Located in Manesteen, Lost Realms. Takes Odin Bucks which are found on bosses around Lost Realms, prizes from Odinfest and sometimes found in containers around Valhalla. There are a wide variety of items found at Odin's, including large chests, decorations not found elsewhere, wearable items such as back shields (cloak slot) and wings, and finally, Odin's Golden Armor, a special Armor Set.

Reagents Stores

Three special vendors can be found at Montor, Ilshenar. Sells all reagents including mage, druid and necromancer. They are evil vendors and can be attacked but if they are killed, they will take awhile to return to their stores.

Skadi's Ice Palace

Located in Folkvang Maze at Skadi's Ice Palace. Takes Ice Diamonds which are given out from events and as prizes from some Event Masters. Mostly sells deco in her color but also has a complete set of orc clothing and her famous popsicles that can extend buffs.

The Bear Cave

Located in the Hidden Valley, South of Valles (go over the bridge into the mountain). Takes Tokens of Nature which are often found during raids, hidden in containers and on pixies around Valhalla at certain times of the year. Most of Bear's rewards are decorated items in his color. Notable items include a colored spellbook, a repair kit and a wearable ceremonial deer mask.

The Birdhouse

Located in Zarkesh near the Teleporters. Takes Flight Tickets which are found on various Hugin-colored monsters, The Shee TeaDragon and prizes for raids. The Birdhouse has a wide variety of prizes ranging from deco to usable items. Deco items are occasionally updated. The permanent usable items are listed below.

Item Tickets Description
Black Magic Marker 40 Creates a totem at a location that spews black magic at your enemies then explodes for 100% damage.
Crafter's Coin 20 10% buff to your tradeskill for 20 minutes.
Flock of Hugins 65 Summons a flock of Hugins to assist you in your time of need.
Fuzzy Fairies 10 A fairy will heal you for 10 minutes.
Monster Brawl 100 Fence surrounds you and summons a monster to fight to the death.
The Crunch 25 Turns you into a walking bomb - those affected by your blast are dealt damage based on your hp, blinded and poisoned.
Wizard Trick Box 25 You never know what will happen with the wizard's trick box!

The Pad

Located east of Eastfall. Takes Fish Tickets which are found on pirates at Queville. Sells a number of nautical-themed items such as beachwear, pirate items, anchors and other clothing. The Pad is one of Valhalla's oldest shops and one of the original shops to take tickets for prizes.

Trader's Alliance

Located in Lost Realms. A variety of shops that sell deco and clothing not found anywhere else.

Veteran Rewards

Located in Portsmouth and run by Raider Beoulve. This store offers rewards to those with high play times by using the hours played to buy goods. Has some unique items and decorations.

Item Hours Description
Mirror Polish 200 Reduces cooldown of the Magic Mirror by 1 hour.
Gem of Blessing 250 Blesses two items in your backpack so they stay with you if you deathcry.
Rename Runebook 250 Colors and renames up to 3 runebooks.
Crystal Portal 250 Teleports you to the closest bank or stargate.
Bracelet of Binding 300 Instant teleportation to the person who binds the bracelets (10 uses).
Gargish Cloak 400 50% elemental resists.
Various Statues 750 Various statues for your house that makes sounds.
Sacred Items 1000 Gives various materials once a day.
Ethereal Shrinks 2500 Ghost-like mounts.
Various Shrinks 3500 Various shrinks.
Various Legendary Fire Shrinks 10000 Various fire-emblazoned shrinks.

Black Market

Located at Thane's Reach, Lost Realms. Has some normal crafting materials at special black market items at inflated prices.