Serpent Pit PvP

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Serpent Pit PvP

Teams will be divided by staff, then assigned a team captain.

You will be given horses for this event, Each team will have a different color.

Teams will fight against Serpents and Spiders while searching for a backpack containing 4 platform pieces, a key and a map.

You must find all 4 buried backpacks to get pieces to put your platforms together.

Once the platform is in place, teams will receive their key to unlock the doors to their opponents side. At this point you will be fighting against the other team.

If you are knocked out, you will be sent to a penalty box once your eyes are open.

Teams must retrieve their flag from the chest on their opponets side and return to their area.

The team to return with their flag first wins.

If they are unable to get their flag, they must kill the other team to win.

No Wands are to be used except for buffing.

A full list of rules will be given at the beginning of the quest.

It's a good idea to think ahead for this event, come up with a tactic that you can share with your team.

There's no guarantee you will be on the same team as your friends or guild members.