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A Roleplaying Order Guild (also known as an Order Guild or Orders) is another way for you to customize your character by placing them in a specialized guild. This is a separate guild to the player guilds and one or both can be joined. The main purpose of the order guild is for roleplay and the main reward is a title that replaces your virtue title. There are several different types of guilds and this title may help define your character better.

There are currently no class requirements for orders although most people tend to join the order guild that closely matches their class. Order guilds have alignment restrictions. Good orders only accept good players whereas evil orders only accept chaos players. Neutral guilds will accept either type of alignment.

  • If you joined an order before this requirement came in, you will be required to join a new order. Visit Uther, the Honor Guard to change your order for free.

There are two ways to join an order. The first is to find an existing member of that order. Members of an order will be recognizable by their title as shown on their paperdoll (see a complete list of titles below). Asking around in-game should yield some clues as to who is in one. If you can not find anyone, you will have to visit Uther, the Honor Guard. He will also join you to an order of your choosing for free.

Honor vs Virtue

Honor is needed to increase your rank within the order. Gaining honor is different than gaining virtue but gaining honor is based on your virtue. Continue to earn virtue as you usually do - by killing certain creatures that yield virtue (often red-named ones). Once you think you have earned enough, find another person who is also in an order guild (it does not have to be the same as yours nor the same alignment but you gain more if you are in the same alignment or neutral) and honor them (double-click your order item and select honor from the menu). They will receive honor based on the amount of virtue you have accumulated since your last honoring. Often, they will honor you in return.

Other ways to earn honor

Uther offers different quests for honor. Drop heads (or a bag of heads) from monsters that gave virtue onto him and he will give you half the amount of virtue as honor. Minimum of 3 virtue is needed for each head. In addition, you can get a special quest from him to track down a particular monster and slay it. These quests can go to different realms but can give a good amount of honor.

Myrrdin the Magic Dealer offers honor tickets in-exchange for stone tokens. Each ticket is worth 150 honor.

Quitting an Order

To quit your order, use your Order item and select the resign option from the menu. If you can not find your order item, visit Uther for a new one or ask him to resign you from the order.

Changing an Order

You can not change order guilds. You must quit your order then join another one. When you quit your order, you will lose all honor accumulated with that order.

Order Titles

Title Honor Points
Title One less than 200
Title Two 201 - 400
Title Three 401 - 800
Title Four 801 - 1600
Title Five 1601 - 3200
Title Six 3201 - 6400
Title Seven 6401 - 12800
Title Eight 12801 - 25600
Title Nine 25601 or more

Using .status in game will give an estimate only of the amount you need for the next title.

The Silver Serpent
Order Shield of the Silver Serpent
Respected Page
Respected Squire
Sir or Dame
The Respected Sir or The Respected Dame
The Noble Sir or The Noble Dame
The Famed Sir or The Famed Dame
His Lordship or Her Ladyship

The Obsidian Wyrm
Order Shield of The Obsidian Wyrm
Feared Page
Feared Squire
Sir or Dame
The Feared Sir or The Feared Dame
The Ignoble Sir or The Ignoble Dame
The Infamous Sir or The Infamous Dame
His Lordship or Her Ladyship

The Cloaked Hand
Ring of The Cloaked Hand
The Feared Rogue
The Infamous Rogue
The Dark Rogue
The Dread Rogue

The Black Rose
Shield of The Legion of Honor
Respected Page
Respected Squire
Sir Dame
The Respected Sir or The Respected Dame
The Noble Sir or The Noble Dame
The Famed Sir or The Famed Dame
His Lordship or Her Ladyship

The Brotherhood of Gaia
Cloak of The Brotherhood of Gaia
Respected Guardian
Noble Warden
Famed Sentinel

The Crafted Wheel
Order Shield of The Crafted Wheel
Esteemed Apprentice
Esteemed Journeyman
Renowned Journeyman
Master or Mistress
Esteemed Master or Esteemed Mistress
Renowned Master or Renowned Mistress
Famed Master or Famed Mistress

The Arcane Sanctum
Order Robe of The Arcane Sanctum
Esteemed Apprentice
Renowned Adept
Illustrious Savant
Famed Illuminati
Glorius Illuminati

The Crimson Vortex
Order Shield of The Crimson Vortex
Vicious Outcast
Feared Prefect
Malicious Viceroy
Dread Liege
Unholy Liege

Temple of the Red Dragon
Robe of the Temple of the Red Dragon
Dire Neonate
Dire Possesser
Master or Maiden
Vile Master or Vile Maiden
Heinous Liege or Heinous Vixen
Infernal Liege or Infernal Vixen
Ritual Lord or Ritual Mistress

Order of the Thistle
Robe of the Thistle
Brother or Sister
Master or Mistress
Superior Master or Superior Mistress
Grand Master or Grand Mistress
Dragon Master or Dragon Mistress
Wind Master or Wind Mistress
Flower Master or Flower Mistress

Warriors of Neutrality
Amulet of Humility
No honor titles.
The Warriors of Neutrality is for those who do not want a virtue or honor title. They can still give and receive honor.

The Blood Pact
Dagger of the Blood Pact
Lost One
Shadow Guardian
Blood Master or Blood Mistress
Count or Countess
Marquess or Marchioness
Unholy Lord or Unholy Lady
Dark Master or Dark Mistress
Dark Elder or Dark Eldress
Dark Progenitor