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To play on Valhalla Lost, you will need a version of Ultima Online (preferably Ultima Online Classic) and our special client and custom files. Periodically, we may require you to update your files due to map updates. Please check the forums when an update is required.


  • Go to Ultima Online and download the Classic Client. We do not support the Enhanced Client (3D play).
  • Download (or run) their installer (this is a small file).
  • The installer will install the entire game. The install is typically around 1G to download with a final install of 2.4G disc space.
  • Download our custom client and map files (split into two files to allow for easier updating).
  • Extract the files into the Ultima Online: Classic folder overwriting any existing files.
  • Right-click and drag the ValhallaLost_Classic.exe to your start menu or desktop to create a shortcut.
  • Run the client and if you already have an account, you will connect to our server.

If you already are playing on another shard or on Ultima Online but want to try out our custom shard, you can simply copy your Ultima Online Classic folder to a new location, download our custom files and install it into the new folder.

Required Files

Download both the Client and Map files of your choice in RAR or ZIP.

Valhalla Lost Custom Client Feb 9, 2019. RAR from Google Drive.
Map Files Jan 26, 2019. RAR from Google Drive.
Custom Client Feb 9, 2019. ZIP from Google Drive.
Map Files Jan 26, 2019. ZIP from Google Drive.

Optional Files

UO Steam

1) Download the UOSteam overlay at

2) When running UOSteam, use ValhallaLost_Classic.exe, uncheck 'Remove encryption' and get the rest of the information from the login.cfg file.

This is the recommended add-on for mapping.

UO Razor

- You must use the original client.exe, check 'Patch client encryption', uncheck 'Use OSI Encryption. Rest of information can be taken from login.cfg.

- Note: You may end up with an "out of memory" error, on any OS. This is due to UO's 32-bit client unable to access memory above 2GB and can happen when the files are modified. There are two ways around this:

A) Reboot your computer and start the client right away.

B) Remove the 2GB limit using a program called Large Address Aware which can be found [LAA].

UO Auto Map

Due to Valhalla Lost having two custom maps for Felluca and Trammel, you will need two different UOAMs to see these maps.

1) Download [UOAMVAL] and/or UOAMLOST (COMING SOON) and unzip to your choice folder.

To have UOAM properly track you, you must run it in ADMIN mode. To set it up so it runs every time, do the following:

2) Right-click on UOAM.EXE and select 'Create shortcut'.

3) Right-click on UOAM - Shortcut and select 'Properties'.

4) At the end of the line in the Target field, add a -q (for example: "C:\Games\Ultima Online Classic\UOAMVAL\uoam.exe" -q). This will stop UOAM from checking the update server.

5) Click the Advanced Button and check 'Run as administrator'.

6) Run the shortcut link from now on.

When UOAM starts, you will need to point the files to the correct folder. Go to the Map menu and select 'UO client data files location...'. Make sure the path is set to where you have UOAM.

Calibrating UOAM

Go to the gardens and stand at the calibration point (even if it shows water on Lost Realms).

- I am in The Lost Lands

- Latitude 9 degrees 8 minutes N

- Longitude 15 degrees 40 minutes W

Wait for the calibration to finish. Walk around, the map should track you. If it is not tracking you, make sure you are standing on the exact calibration tile and you are running admin mode.


Locations have been split among several files as to not clutter the map too much. To set which ones you want to see, go to the Map menu and choose 'Additional Settings'. Click on the Files tab. Select which ones you want seen on the map. Some locations may require you to set zoom at 1x to see them (such as points within a town).