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When you cast recall, you will have a choice of targeting yourself, a marked recall rune or a runebook.

Target yourself

You will be sent back to your home point. The default recall spot is just beside the Asgard gardens.

If you want to change your recall spot, you need a blank rune. Go to the spot you want to have as your new recall spot. Cast the recall spell and target the rune to mark your new home point. You do not need to keep the rune and can use it for marking another spot or just throw it away.

Target a marked recall rune

You will be instantly sent to that rune's location provided it is within the same realm as you are in now.

Target a rune book

You may travel to any point in your rune book provided it is the same realm as the one you are in now. Recalling is a personal spell thus you will be required to have the rune book in your pack at all times. If you drop it on the ground, the spell will fail.


  • Pets that are following you will recall with you. You do not have to gate pets home.
  • You can only recall to a point in the same realm. For example, if you are in Valhalla, you can only recall to a spot within Valhalla. The only exception is recalling home.
  • You can always recall to your home point no matter which realm you are in.