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Title: Bard
Trained By: Bard

To provoke a creature, you must have an instrument in your bag (such as a flute, drum or lute among others). You will need to pass a Musicianship skillcheck on how well you can play the instrument as well as a Provocation skillcheck for the creature to be provoked. Some monsters are easier to provoke than others. If you are successful at provoking the creature, it will fight another creature of your choosing for a limited time. The amount of time it will fight is based on your Musicianship skill divided by 2 for the number of seconds. During this time, neither creature can be provoked.

Not all creatures can be provoked or targeted and you will receive a message. If you are a bard, you can get the Mystro ability which will give you a slim chance to provoke a creature that is otherwise unprovokable. You will also be able to target a creature that is otherwise untargetable; however, to target the creature, it will have to have 25% or less intelligence than that of the provoked creature. For example, if Creature A has 1000 intelligence, the target creature will have to have 250 or less intelligence. Curses do not affect the intelligence requirement.