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Have too much stuff? Want to turn your useless junk into gold? Then you need a vendor (and a spot to put him or her in, but that is another story).

The Provisioner sells Employee Contracts for 1000 gold. The easiest place to put your vendor is at your vendor house in Folkvang (remember, there is a tele to the other side of Folkvang). There is a limit of 3 vendors per house (this includes all vendors whether yours or someone else's). Unless you place the vendor within the house's lockable area, union rules will forbid the vendor from selling anything.

You can not name your vendor something that contains one of the vendor commands. They will refuse to be called that if you do it. There are also places that you can not place vendors. If your vendor is in a no-vendor zone, you will have to have the vendor follow you to a new place or they will be placed somewhere very bad.

The character who initially places the vendor is the owner of the vendor although all your other characters can access the vendor, such as putting new items on it for sale, collect the gold and even buy items without paying a commission. However, there is one command that can only be done with the owner of the vendor: firing them.

Prices are always per item. If you want to sell a stack of items, the asking price will be per item.

If you prefer to sell a container, the vendor will always ask how you want to advertise it. Use this opportunity to rename containers for your own personal use or sell them on the vendor advertised as is. Note: potential customers can not see what is in a container so be as descriptive as you can.

If you attempt to put a .own'ed item up for sale on your merchant, they'll inform you that it has been .own'ed and ask you if you want to try to sell it anyway.

Vendors need to be supervised. If a player has not checked in with their vendor (by saying any one of the commands to them) at least once every 45 days, the vendor will decide to run away with everything they have. All your gold they are keeping, items and clothes they were given will now be gone.

Vendors do not like being around while there is a fight going on. Vendors will hide nearly immediately if they are attacked and will reappear about 20 minutes later. If they are revealed while hidden, they will hide again until the 20 minutes is up. While hidden, they can not be issued commands to nor buy/sell anything.

If you fire a vendor, their employee contract, all the items they were holding for you, all their gold and all the clothing you gave them will appear in your backpack.

  • If you have shopped at an NPC vendor, you must use the vendor's name before a command. For player vendors, only the command needs to be spoken - no need to use the vendor's name (unless otherwise specified).

Command Description
Help Lists the commands available.
Buy Brings up a list of items for sale. If your account buys from your own vendor, you do not pay a commission.
Collect Vendor will give you all the gold plus anything bought from other players, minus a commission fee.
Contact Put your email or icq number here for others to get a hold of you.
Follow Vendor will follow you around until told to stop. If you name your vendor (not give them a random name), this command will not work.
Guild Refund If a member of your guild buys an item, they will receive a % discount back. They still have to pay the full price. Set the refund to 0 to remove it.
Help A list of commands this merchant will obey.
Hire Tells you the price is 1k to work for you.
Log Vendor will provide information about the last 20 transactions. The information provided will show you who spent how much gold or who took how much gold in sales to you.
Purchase Target an item then enter a price you are willing to pay for each of that item) and the vendor will buy this item from other players. Make sure they have enough gold on them - no extended credit! If you decide to change your price or do not want to buy that item anymore, use the purchase command again to cancel the item.
<name> Release Fire the vendor. You must use the phrase: vendorname release to fire them and only the character who hired them can fire them.
Remove Stock If you set a stock price for an item, this will remove it.
Sell Target an item for the vendor to sell. Alternatively, just drop the item on the vendor.
Status Tells you how much gold the vendor is holding and what their commission is.
Stock Price Tired of people buying stuff out making it harder to just drop what you're selling? Use stock price to set a price for a particular item.
Stop Vendor stands still (used when vendor is following you).
Strip Vendor will give you everything he's got including his clothes! Note: unless you want your vendor moved to an odd location, do not leave them naked.
Undress Vendor will strip down to his skivvies and give you all worn clothing/weapons/armor.
Wear Target an item for the vendor to wear.

Vendor Search

At the Folkvang Teleporter to Asgard, you can find a vendor search booth. Simply use the booth to search for items sold by player vendors. There is a limit of 15 seconds between searches.

All vendors that are in Folkvang, Eastfall fair, Portsmith mall and the Zarkesh Bazaar are automatically included in the vendor search. If you have a vendor that is not in one of these areas, you will have to register your vendor with the vendor search booth.