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Once a year, Odin holds a huge festival in his honor (what a guy). During this time, everyone is invited to the festival grounds to play games, purchase special food and drinks, partake in special GM-run events and win lots of special prizes! Every year, a special color is picked and many of the prizes are in this color.

Festival Tokens

The major prize for most of the games is the festival token. Tokens are used for the Spin That Wheel game: one token per spin. Festival Tokens can only be used during that Odinfest as the color changes every year.

Games of Chance

All games cost a small amount of gold to play per turn or round. Always check the booth sign how much a game will cost. Some games are auto-loading, such as the bottle break, where you continually get a target cursor but every shot will cost some gold. Most games use your strength and dexterity (and sometimes intelligence) to determine the outcome so it can actually be detrimental having too much strength! Games of pure chance are purely random, such as the Duck Float (where you have to have 1 of 2 remaining ducks).

Game Description
Balloon Ride This game is based on your weight and dexterity - if you can hold all the way to the top, you can win a prize!
Bottle Knockdown Knock down 3 bottles.
Bottle Break Fire a bow at a bottle to break it. One bottle has the grand prize while another can blow up all the bottles around it, possibly blowing up the grand prize bottle as well. This is an auto-loading game meaning each shot will cost you.
Chicken Drop Guess which square the chicken will drop her egg on.
Cornbag Toss Throw the winning pass in the Cornbag Bowl. Ten touchdowns will get you 1 festival token.
Duck Float Pick one of two ducks that will remain floating on the water.
Duck Shoot Show off your archery skills and knock down the ducks. Need at least 8 ducks out of 10 to win a prize.
Dunk Tank Can you hit the target causing that poor person to fall into a vat of cold water?
Fishing What can you catch in the mysterious waters? The closer you cast your line, the higher chance of winning but further away gives better prizes.
Horseshoes Can you ring at least two horseshoes around a pole?
Putt Putt Golf Three chances to get a hole-in-one! Each time you sink the ball, you get a prize with better prizes for 2 and 3 balls sunk.
Rat Race Bet which rat will win the race. Ten wins total will get you a special trophy.
Ring Toss Toss 3 rings at 3 different pole levels. Smallest post is worth 1 point, medium post is worth 3 points and the tall tallest post is worth 5 points.
Soak The Fool Fill up the fool with water.
Test Your Strength Hit the ball hard enough to ring the bell!
Spin That Wheel Cost is one festival token. The wheel spins round and round...where it stops, only Thor knows and he'll most likely zap you with lightning. The best prizes of the festival can be won here, including ethereal mounts, the unicorn or kirin mounts or special deco items.

Gag Prizes

Many fun and weird items can be won from games. Some of these items may be used, great for deco or hold a sinister use that may or may not be useful against the many monsters around the lands.

GM Events

These are events that are hosted by GMs. Watch out for an in-game broadcast when the event will be hosted. Games that have a chest and book beside them can be identified as GM Events. Some of these games can be played for practice.

Event Description
Jello-Wrestling We give you special jello-wrestling shorts and you get into the ring to wrestle.
Turkey-Shoot Shoot the turkey with one of our special crossbows. Choose your type of ammo to use and the crossbow will determine if you hit and by how much using a special formula (this allows everyone to participate and is based on your stats instead of your archery skill).
Pie-Eating Contest Stuff as many pies into your mouth within a certain time. This game requires you to time yourself as you can continually eat as many as you want but you can end up throwing up if you eat too much too fast. Every time you throw up, you lose points.
Pig-Racing Guide a slippery pig around the barrels to the end of the run in the fastest time.

Festival Activities

Some booths and rides are purely for enjoyment and keepsake mementos. Ride the roller-coaster and have your picture taken (up to 4 people). Try your luck at the kissing booth (yes luck, as it might not always be a beautiful maiden or handsome hunk who will be the recipient of your kiss). If you stand inside the booth, the person paying for the kiss will kiss you instead. Or just chill out and have a drink from the pop machine.

Special-Colored Items Exchange

Don't know what to do with all the prizes you've won? Or all the specially-colored items you've collected over the past year? Trade them in for more festival-colored items. These special deco items can only be gained when the festival is in town.