Odin's Vault

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Odin's Vault

A great discovery has been made! After a perilous expedition through depths unknown, a hidden vault has been uncovered... one that we believe is Odin's Secret Vault! Thanks to those brave men, women and elves who gave their life delving through the tunnels, a faster way was discovered and it turns out you could access it through Odin's store all this time!


Go to Odin's store located in Manesteen, Lost Realms and speak to the Expedition Master to gain entrance. You may accept this quest once per account every 24 hours after you've accepted it.

The Vault

Open as many chests as you can within 3 minutes. More chests will spawn over this time. Some chests, such as ore carts, always contain certain items but you may find something rare under it. After a minute, traps will activate. Before this time, you may deactivate the trap by using it.


From crafting materials to special deco to the mighty Britannia Galleon. The chances of getting high end rewards is low. Each Vault has one chest that gives a special Odin-themed reward.