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Title: Necromancer
Trained By: Alchemist, Apothecary, Mage, Scribe

The Necromancer studies the dark arts - raising the dead, creating zombies out of lifeless corpses to do their bidding and attempting to create the unnatural.

Most necro spells are difficult to cast - in addition to necromancy, you will also require a magery skillcheck (magery is checked first). If you fail the magery check, you do not lose reagents but if you fail the necromancy, check you will lose the reagents.

Codex Damnorum

The Codex Damnorum is the necromancer's spellbook. Unlike the druid's runebag which can be made, the necro's Codex can only be found, typically on undead-type monsters. Necromancers will also require a lich staff if they want to cast the spells from their powerwords instead of from the Codex. This is also found on the undead, typically liches.

Necro scrolls are found on typically undead loot. They can not be crafted. Once you have found the correct scroll, you must use Inscription to put it into the Codex. If you fail the inscription skillcheck, the scroll will be destroyed.

To use a powerword instead of opening the Codex to cast, you must be holding a lich staff and say the word exactly. Your codex must be on your top level of your backpack.

You can perform other actions while the Codex is open.

The Codex is not newbified. If you die, it will have to be retrieved from your corpse.

Lesser Chants

Chant Power Words Skill Req'd Mana Used Reagents Effect
Animate Dead Corpus Sine Nomine Expergefaceret 31 6 Blood, Bone, Fertile Dirt Creates a zombie from a corpse. The better the corpse you cast this on, the more poweful the zombie will be.
Commune Dice 31 6 Bone, Brimstone Speak with the dead - instead of seeing OoOoOoo from a knocked-out player, you will actually understand them.
Control Undead Nutu Magistri Supplicare 31 6 Bone, Bloodspawn, Mandrake Root Tame undead depending on your skill. May have to be cast twice to control harder undead (like daemons).
Darkness Nox 31 6 Brimstone Blinds target and reduces line of sight.
Sacrifice Animus Ex Corporis Resolveretur 54 11 Bloodspawn, Dead Wood, Mandrake Root, Black Pearl Explodes a tamed creature (damage based on the strength of the target).
Spectre's Touch Enervare 54 11 Brimstone, Daemon Bone, Executioner's Cap Transfers stats from target to you with a longer buff period depending on your necromancy.
Wraith's Breath Manes Sollicti Mi Compellere 66 14 Brimstone, Bloodspawn, Daemon Bone Drains mana from creatures around you.
Frost Field Umbrae Tenebrae Venarent 66 14 Serpent Scale, Spider Silk, Black Pearl Similar to fire field but is ice damage.

Greater Chants

Chant Power Words Skill Req'd Mana Used Reagents Effect
Kill Ulties Manum Necarent 88 44 Dragons Blood, Executioner's Cap, Blood, Daemon Bone Attempts to kill your target based on their resistance and life else does a lot of damage, depending on your necromany skill.
Liche Umbrae Tenebrae Miserere Animi Non Digna Ferentis 100 50 Blackmoor, Blood, Daemon Bone, Dragon's Blood, Executioner's Cap Similar to polymorph but with a much longer timer. Turns your skin red.
Plague Fluctus Puter Se Aresceret 100 50 Blood, Nightshade, Dragon's Blood, Serpent's Scale Casts a deadly poison cloud in a large area.
Release Nutu Magistri Se Resolvere 54 11 Bat Wing, Blood, Executioner's Cap Attempts to send an undead back to the afterlife.
Raise Dead Manes Turbidi Sollictique Vocam 66 14 Blood, Bone, Brimstone, Fertile Dirt Raises weak undead from the earth.
Transfusion Nutu Magistri Se Compellere 77 20 Blood, Mandrake Root, Ginseng Transfers health from one target to another. The amount of health gained is based on the target's amount of health lost.
Summon Spirit Manes Turbidi Sollictique Resolverent 88 40 Bloodspawn, Brimstone, Dragon's Blood, Daemon Bone Summons powerful undead from the earth.
Wraithform Manes Sollicti Mihi Infundite 77 20 Bloodspawn, Brimstone, Daemon Bone Transforms the caster into a Wraith.