Map of the Realms

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Cartographers with 80 skill are able to make these detailed maps. You will need a map (bought from the provisioner) and a sextant. Use the map and make a world map. If you do not have the sextant in your backpack, you will make the original UO world map.

The Map of the Realms will show your position if you are on the continents (not in dungeons or special areas), your last death position, names of towns, locations and areas. If you have 100 cartography, it will show the locations of any decoded maps in your main pack. If you have 100 fishing, it will show the locations of any decoded message in a bottles in your main pack.

New character will also get a free Map when they create their character.

  • If you can not see the map in-game, you will need to download from the Required Files section.