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Mages understand their art better than anyone else, including necromancers and druids. In addition to being only class that can use every spell in the regular spellbook, they can also reach a higher skill level in magery than anyone else. Mages may also master a weapon, are one of only two classes that can grandmaster alchemy and are above average healers.

Special Skill Magery
Primary Skills Alchemy
Fencing / Macefighting / Swordsmanship
Magic Resistance
Secondary Skills Archery
Max Base AR* 15
Weapon Restrictions* While casting a spell, can only be holding a weapon capable of casting.
Spells Available
1st Circle all
2nd Circle all
3rd Circle all
4th Circle all
5th Circle all
6th Circle all
7th Circle all
8th Circle all

  • The maximum base ar is determined from a base piece of armor with no additional bonuses.
  • Spells available refers to spells cast from a spellbook. All spells can be cast from scrolls.

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