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Title: Locksmith
Trained By: Architect, Bard, Barkeep, Carpenter, Jeweler, Tinker

There are many locked chests around the world ranging from treasure chests hidden around the world, sunken treasure chests and found in loot from monsters containing lots of treasure. But the good stuff is always located deep in dungeons. Lockpicks can be bought from Provisioners or created by Tinkerers. Chests may be trapped so having detect hidden will automatically attempt to locate a trap first and disarm it before the lockpicking starts.

If you break too many picks on a chest, you likely do not have enough skill to successfully pick that chest.

Duergar get an internal +10 bonus when lockpicking treasure chests. If you have 100 lockpicking, it will act as if you have 110 lockpicking.

Player chests cannot be picked.

If you find a locked chest from a monster drop and cannot open it, you can take it to any bard in any realm. They will open the chest for you. In return, they will keep the gold in the chest. There is a possibility they are not as honest and may keep up to several items within the chest as well, however, you will not know if they kept anything extra.