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Imbuing is a tradeskill allowing to add and adjust wearable item properties. These properties include having faster cast speeds, better parrying or increased mana regeneration. Items can have multiple imbued properties. Those that practice the art of imbuing are called Artificers.

To imbue an item, there are three main ingredients that are needed: a magical ingredient, a common gem, and a high intensity ingredient. Once you have collected all these materials, you must use the special soul forge. Once standing beside the soul forge, you can use your imbuing skill to imbue an item.


Unlike other skills, there is no merchant for practicing imbuing. To increase Imbuing, you must use the skill by unraveling magic items for their magical ingredients or imbuing items with magical properties. At lower levels, there is a 25% gain if you pass the skill check but at higher levels, there is only a 10% gain and a lower chance to pass the skill check.

Imbuing has a hard cap of 100, whether it is in the primary slot or tradeskill slot. There are no magic items that temporarily or permanently increase imbuing.


To imbue an item, you require three specific resources and a soul forge. The soul forge is currently located at Uppsala, Lost Realms (note: when Ter Mur is ready, the soul forge will be moved to its proper location at the Royal City).

The amounts of each material goes up with each level. For example, an item requiring a level 1 imbuement may only require 1 of each item whereas an item that is 14/15 may require 10 of each item.

Imbuing requires having three specific resources.

Unraveled Magic

Magical ingredients only come from one source - magical items. To gain the magical ingredient, you must unravel the item and collect the magical residue left over. Magically unraveling items always destroys the item in the process. The magical residue collected depends on the quality of the magic item unraveled.

The higher your skill, the higher chance of a better magical ingredient. There are three kinds of magical residue (highest listed first):

  • Magical Residue
  • Enchanted Essence
  • Relic Fragment

Accepted Items

Magic Weapons, Armor

Magic Shovels

Magic Wands

Not Accepted Items

Crafted items

Masterpiece items

Chipped Rocks

Item Value

Items with Silver, Hit Spells, Skills Advancements have a +1 value.

Items that are higher than Rugged and Power have a +2 value.

These values are added up and determined which magical ingredient will be extracted from the item.

  • an entire container can be unraveled... we are not responsible for lost items as it will unravel every magic item it finds in that container.
  • owned items will not be unraveled.

Common Gem

Common gems collected from loot and other sources, such as tourmalines, emeralds, sapphires or diamonds.

High Intensity Ingredient

These ingredients come from special bosses or rare monsters, special areas or are harvested from special plants.

Property Weight

All items have a imbued maximum property weight. This means you are unable to imbue items all their way to their maximum values if you have other imbued properties on them. Each item has a maximum value and a imbuing weight. The maximum property intensity limit is 300%.

For example: a ring has a lower mana cost with 7 levels out of 15. The total weight for lower mana cost is 110. It also has a hit chance increase of 5 out of 12. The total weight for hit chance increase is 130.

lower mana cost weight: 7/15 x 110 = 51 (rounded)

high chance increase: 5/12 x 130 = 54 (rounded)

the total imbuing weight is 51 + 54 = 105%.

All values are rounded for each line. They are not calculated with any decimals.

You may continue imbuing the item with various properties until you reach the limit of 300%.

Similar to Blacksmithy requiring a forge, you must stand next to a Soul Forge to imbue or unravel items.

Useful Cap

Although you can maximize the value on every item that allows the imbued property, there is a useful cap for many properties. There is no benefit to going over the cap.

For example, hit chance increase has a maximum value of 12 points on each item. You can imbue hit chance increase on jewelry and weapons meaning you can put it on 4 pieces of jewelry (ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace) and your weapon for a total of 60 points. However, there is a useful cap of 45 points. Any points above 45 will not increase your hit chance thus is wasted.

Items that can be imbued

Most items can be imbued. However, special items, such as Treasures of Tokuno, cannot be imbued as they already contain special properties.

Property Jewelry Armor Weapon Mage Spellbook
Bonus Dodge x x
Bonus Parry x x
Damage Increase x
Defense Chance Increase x
Durability x
Faster Casting x
Faster Cast Recovery x
Hit Chance Increase x x
Hit Point Regeneration x
Hit Point Return x
Hit Stamina Leech x
Hit Mana Leech x
Hit Lower Defense x
Lighter Shield x
Lower Mana Cost x x
Luck x x x
Mana Regeneration x x x
Poison Resist Chance x x
Self Repair x
Spell Damage Increase x x
Stamina Regeneration x x x
Swing Speed Increase x

Regeants Required

Property Max Item Total Weight Type Unraveled Magic Common Gem High Intensity Description
Bonus Evade 5 15 110 Percent Enchanted Essence Ruby Blue Diamond Each point adds 1% to your evade chance
Bonus Parry 5 15 110 Percent Enchanted Essence Tourmaline Spider Carapace Each point adds 1% to your chance to parry
Damage Increase 25 100 100 Percent Enchanted Essence Citrine Crystal Shards Each point adds 1% bonus combat damage before elemental damage is determined
Defense Chance Increase 12 45 110 Percent Relic Fragment Tourmaline Singularity Each point increases armor by 1%
Durability 5 - 100 Point Enchanted Essence Tourmaline Teardrop of Winter Each point increases chance your weapons and armor will not take any damage while in combat
Faster Cast Recovery 2 - 120 Point Relic Fragment Amethyst Essence of Diligence Each point gives 1/4 faster recovery time.
Faster Casting 1 - 140 Point Relic Fragment Ruby Essence of Achievement Each point shortens casting time by 1/4 of a second. Chivalry is capped at 2 points. Revenant and Spellweavers are capped at 4 points.
Hit Chance Increase 12 45 130 Percent Relic Fragment Amber Essence of Precision Each point increases your chance to hit by 1%
Hit Lower Defense 45 45 130 Percent Magical Residue Diamond Parasitic Plant Each point reduces your opponent's defenses by 1%
Hit Mana Leech 2 - 110 Point Magical Residue Sapphire Void Orb Each point gives a higher chance and a higher leech value
Hit Point Regeneration 2 18 100 Point Enchanted Essence Tourmaline Seed of Renewal Increases regeneration by 75 points per point.
Hit Point Return 2 - 110 Point Enchanted Essence Tourmaline Seed of Renewal Each point gives a higher chance and a higher leech value
Hit Stamina Leech 2 - 100 Point Magical Residue Diamond Void Orb Each point gives a higher chance and a higher leech value
Lighter Shield 5 5 100 Percent Magical Residue Citrine Powdered Iron Increases chance of raising armor rating of the shield
Lower Mana Cost 15 40 110 Percent Relic Fragment Tourmaline Essence of Order Each point deducts 1% mana from the spell cost
Luck 100 100 100 Point Magical Residue Citrine Deathcap Mushroom Adds to luck
Mana Regeneration 6 20 100 Point Enchanted Essence Sapphire Seed of Renewal Increases regeneration by 75 points.
Poison Resist Chance 15 25 100 Point Magical Residue Citrine Boura Pelt Each point gives a chance to completely resist a combat poison hit (poison attacks only)
Self Repair 5 - 150 Point Relic Fragment Tourmaline Slith Tongue While in combat, your weapon will have a chance to repair itself by 1 point
Spell Damage Increase 12 - 100 Percent Enchanted Essence Emerald Crystal Shards Adds 1% bonus damage per point directly to spell damage before elemental damage is calculated.
Stamina Regeneration 3 24 110 Point Enchanted Essence Diamond Seed of Renewal Increases regeneration by 75 points per point.
Swing Speed Increase 10 15 110 Point Relic Fragment Tourmaline Essence of Control Each point increases swing speed by 1/10 second - minimum speed of 1 second

Location of High Intensity Reagents

The Mini-Champ area on Valhalla Lost is not the same place as on Ter Mur. Instead, it is located off an abandoned mansion with exits leading to separate areas with our custom interpretations of the themes. This is due to not having access to Ter Mur when Imbuing was put in.

Reagent Location
Blue Diamond Found while mining, must be Grandmaster (110 skill)
Boura Pelt Skinned from High Plains (found around the large plains near Gateway City)
Crystal Shards Cavern of the Discarded loot, found while lumberjacking in Lost Realms
Deathcap Mushroom Growing in the Mushroom Caverns on Ilshenar
Essence of Achievement Abyssal Lair Entrance Mini-Champ loot, treasure chest loot
Essence of Control Enslaved Goblins Mini-Champ loot
Essence of Diligence Stygian Dragon Lair Entrance Mini-Champ loot, treasure chest loot
Essence of Order Fire Temple Ruins Mini-Champ loot
Essence of Precision Crimson Veins Mini-Champ loot
Essence of Singularity Passage of Tears Mini-Champ loot
Parasitic Plant Found while lumberjacking, must be Grandmaster (110 skill)
Powdered Iron Leftover from Smelting (requires tradeskill) and Prospecting, iron golem loot
Seed of Renewal Cavern of the Discarded Mini-Champ creatures, grown with a chance to pick
Slith Tongue Slith loot
Spider Carapace Temple of the Spider loot
Teardrop of Winter Ice caverns through-out Valhalla
Void Orb Void Creatures under the Ankh Dungeon on Ilshenar

The Outyards

The Outyards (or in norse mythology, Utgardar), is an ancient temple hidden away under a mountain located on Lost Realms. Inside, there are doorways (and some hidden entries) leading to areas where competitions are held. Enter the area, face the challenge and you may be rewarded with imbuing materials dropped from the monsters inside. There are a total of 8 challenges.

The mini-boss challenge is similar to the champion spawns but on a smaller scale. When you enter an area, the challenge will begin. Kill the rounds of monsters until the boss appears. Once the boss has been killed, the area goes on a cooldown for 30 minutes. If you leave the area before the boss is killed, the next person to enter will resume where the rounds left off. Imbuing materials can drop from a variety of the monsters during the round. The essences have a chance to drop from the main boss.