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On your paperdoll, there is a help button. This will send a help request to any GMs online. Before you hit that send button, try these other steps first...

  • Check the forum and manual if your question can be answered there.
  • Check .online for any players that have [counselor] after their name. Send them a private message (using .msg) and if available, they will be able to answer your question.

If neither of these works, then you can try to see if a GM has an answer. Follow these directions in making a good help request.

  • Open your paperdoll [alt-p] and press the help button.
  • Select category (stuck, bug, house or other).
  • Enter a description of the problem in the space provided. Texts are not wrap-around so you will have to enter onto a new line when you run out of space. Please keep it brief and to the point, giving as much detail as you can.
  • Press OK and the help page will be saved.

All the GMs will be alerted and the page will be logged. If a GM is on, they will come within a few minutes otherwise please wait patiently until a GM does come on. Please do not keep creating pages if you receive no answer. Pages are typically kept for awhile, even after you log off, if the problem has not been answered.

Notes on Help Button

Try to resolve the issue yourself. If you are stuck, you can either recall out or try to use pathfinding. This is in your options menu. Many times, someone will hit the help button and their problem is resolved shortly thereafter on their own.

Ask yourself if it is really necessary to page a GM. Perhaps it is only a bug and can be posted to the boards instead. General questions can be answered either on the boards, by asking another online player or using the Game Questions under the Help button. The Game Questions is a special help feature that allows online volunteers to see your question and help you as needed. If you use the Game Questions, please do not be in private or the volunteers will not be able to help.

The Help messages are queued. If you go offline afterwards without having your problem resolved, your query will remain until a GM removes it or the shard is rebooted. If you have a problem that can be resolved without you being on, such as needing your house values reset to buy a new house, leave as much information as you can such as your account name and coords of the house.

If you are going to complain or criticize, offer solutions and/or alternatives, be courteous and polite. Even if you are angry about something, take a deep breath first. Read the etiquette section. If you are rude to someone do not expect him or her to be polite in response.