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Title: Fisher
Trained By: Decorator, Farmer, Fisherman, Provisioner, Ranger, Shipwright

  • Tools needed: a fishing pole, a fishing net

The life of a fisherman is a hard one - braving storms, balmy weather and sitting for hours along a shoreline in hopes of catching their elusive prey in the murky waters below.

Fishing Pole

The main tool for a fisherman is the fishing pole which can be made or bought from the fishermen vendor.

To fish, you need to be close to water; water barrels and water troughs do not count. You can be standing on dry land or on a boat to fish. It is possible to fish on a boat that is moving. Equip the fishing pole and double-click on it. A targeting cursor will appear and than click on the water. You will see a splash in the water if it is done correctly.

There is a lot you can fish up and some things are useful for other trades: different types of fish, sandals, backpacks and other garbage, treasure maps and if your fishing is high enough, a message in a bottle. You can also fish up an annoying walrus who will come over and start scaring the fish or a seagull who will attack you to get at the fish.


Fish are divided into places they can be found: ocean, river and dungeon.

Ocean River Dungeon
normal fish
purple fish
odd fish
peculiar fish
strange fish
eccentric fish
green catfish
red grouper
kokanee salmon
dungeon chub
infernal tuna
emon trout
drake fish


You may use bait when fishing with a pole. After using the fishing pole, you have the option to target some bait in your backpack or cast the line into the water. Once you have placed some bait onto your pole, you can target the casting location. You do not have to keep baiting the hook - as long as you have enough of the bait in your pack, it will continue to find more of the same bait and bait the hook automatically. To change the bait or cancel using bait, cast from the pole, target the pole itself and then you can cast without using bait.

  • One cast is when you target the location and continue fishing until you stop.

Using bait increases the chance of getting certain types of fish.

  • Raw cooking fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples or lemons, increase the chances of fishing up normal fish.
  • Reagents, such as garlic or volcanic ash, increase the chances of fishing up beige fish.
  • Raw reagents, such as raw mandrake, increase the chances of fishing up purple fish.
  • Gems, such as tourmalines, increase the chances of fishing up gold fish.
  • Cooked goods, such as yummy onions rings or fruitcake, increase the chances of fishing up any of the fancy fishes and even a small chance of getting a special deco fish.

Be careful when using bait as you may find something you had in your backpack suddenly gone due to it being used as bait. Put all valuable items in the bank before going fishing.


Lures can be found mainly as rewards from the fishing quests. Lures are different from bait as they function to do something specifically while bait is meant to attract a better fish. All lures have a limited life and will break based on your fishing skill.

Lure Description
Junk Proof Hook You will not fish up any shoes or backpacks.
Dredging Hook Increases the chance of pulling up magical or random-hued items.
Lava Hook Enables fishing in lava for geodes and stone pavers.


To use a fishing net, you must have a fishing skill of at least 70. Fishing nets can be found on various monsters. To use a fishing net, double-click the net and cast it into the water. You must be in deep water to use them. Deep water is considered to be at least 20-25 tiles away from any coastland.

The benefit of using fishing nets compared to fishing poles is time. With one use of a fishing net, you will be able to haul out multiple fishes as well as trash, maps and message in a bottles. However, fishing with nets has a downside as well. You can easily disturb a sea creature living at the bottom of the ocean and they will come up to attack you. You might get lucky and not haul a single monster or you can be really unlucky and haul out several wave elementals and several tentacle beasts at the same time.

  • The smart ones who go net fishing make a party out of it by taking along some henchmen or even better, some friends who can help attack!

Messages in a Bottle (MIB)

A message in a bottle (MIB) is similar to a treasure map - just more wet. You require 100 fishing to have a chance to fish one up. Once you have fished up an MIB, use it to reveal the SOS note showing you the coordinates of where a ship had gone down and its sunken treasure. The treasure will be located in the realm where you found the MIB. If you fished it up in Tokuno, you will have to search the waters of Tokuno. You will need to sail out there on a boat. Once you reach your approximate destination, use a fishing pole (not a net) to start fishing up your treasure chest. You must be within your (fishing skill / 10) tiles to be successful but the closer you are to the center, the better chance you have. Make sure the note is in your main pack or you will only fish up the normal items using a fish pole. You can tell when you have the spot when you start fishing up rare deco items such as goblets or barrel staves. Once you have the chest on board your boat, the note will disappear.

You can use a fishing pole or trawling to get MIBs. Fishing poles have a lower chance to find one. Trawling may fish up several at once along with other debris and fish.

Once you open the treasure chest you may find some very unique items you can not find anywhere else. There is also a slight chance these treasure chests will have magical items in them and special deco.

MIBs are realm-specific. If you fished up an MIB in Valhalla, you will have to retrieve it from Valhalla. Other realms have a chance to find special deco items not found anywhere else. For example, Tokuno has special Samurai Empire items. If you do not fish up a realm-specific chest, there are four different types of treasure chests that you can fish up: the warrior chest, the magic chest and two different trades chests. You do not know which you have until you open the chest which reflects the chances of getting magic items and special deco.

If you do not want to sail out to retrieve the MIB, you can take the message to any fisherman in any realm. They will send a party out to get the MIB for you (if it is in another realm, it may take longer to get). In return, they will keep the gold in the chest. There is a possibility they are not as honest and may keep up to several items within the chest as well, however, you will not know if they kept anything extra.

  • Even though you can use a sextant to navigate coordinates for a boat, MIBs are set up to use UOAM - find it in our download section. If you have 100 fishing skill, the Map of the Realms will show the approximate location of the MIB.


Trawling is the utmost in fishing by using bait on board your boat to catch sea monsters. You can now specifically use a boat to try to find evil sea creature things. While on your boat out in deep water away from land (at least 10 tiles away from land) and relatively motionless (not sailing at full speed, basically) say either 'sail troll' or 'sail trawl'.

The tiller man will ask you to pick a fish to use as bait to attract the sea creatures. The better the fish you use (in terms of how much that fish will sell for), the better the creature that'll tend to show up. Order of the fish quality is: Fish, Beige fish, Purple fish, Gold fish, Odd fish, Peculiar fish, Strange fish, and Eccentric fish. Your fishing skill helps to determine how long it takes for something to show up but doesn't affect what type of creature shows up. Some of the monsters are kind of nasty, so it won't hurt to take a friend or two.

Lobster Traps

Lobster traps are used in the fishing quest to catch lobsters and crabs. They can be crafted by a carpenter or bought from the fisherman merchant.

Catching a lobster isn't easy. You need a minimum 20 fishing skill to place the trap and minimum 30 fishing skill to correctly place it. Then it is all about timing. The longer the trap is in the water, the better chances of catching lobsters and crabs. Lobsters have a lower chance to be caught versus crabs. However, the longer you keep the trap in the water, the higher chance it may get destroyed by a wave. Each *bob* signals that there is a chance to lose the trap and a greater chance of catching something. Use the trap again to pull it in. You can place as many traps as you can handle around the boat as long as they are at least 2 tiles away from each other.