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Gaining Experience

There are several different ways to gaining experience points. Experience Points are used to purchase Special Abilities and your stats (strength, dexterity and intelligence) up to their maximum values.

Crafting and Harvesting

If you are crafting or harvesting that is also your tradeskill (for example, you are making a robe and tailoring is your tradeskill), you will have a chance to earn a small amount of experience as you craft or harvest. If you make a masterpiece item, you will be rewarded up to 500 experience.

Bulk Order Deeds

These are given out by various NPC merchants by requesting a bulk order deed from them. You have a 25% chance to gain up to 750 experience per deed, depending on the amount that is required to make and the time passed since the deed was given out.


Special questgiver NPCs can give experience as a reward after completing their quest. To find a questgiver npc, look for quest under their name when you mouseover them or questgiver on their paperdoll.

Special Tickets

These are a rare item and will give between 500 to 1000 experience.

Fighting Monsters

The experience awarded for a creature is related to the amount of money that the creature drops as loot. Creatures that drop no loot award no experience.

Kill experience works on a sliding scale, meaning that it is based on the amount of experience you earn within a 24 hour period. For example, say you start the day at 9am hunting. You gain full experience for everything that you kill until you gain 1500 experience that day. Once you hit 1500 experience, you gain only 75% of what critters would normally give you. The mob type makes no difference. If you continue hunting that day and get up to 2000 exp in the same day, you will now only get 50%. At 2500, 25%, and once you've earned 3000 experience in one 24 hour period of hunting, you will only gain 10% for ANYTHING that you kill, be it a dragon or a mongbat.

Experience % Gain
0 - 1500 100%
1501 - 2000 75%
2001 - 2500 50%
2501 - 3000 25%
3001+ 10%

After the 24 hour period has expired, for the above example it would be 9am the next day, you will again gain full experience from the things you kill. You can see how much experience you've collected in the last 24 hours by using the dot command .exp.

  • Tip: If you are fighting in a group, make sure you have hit the monster. Experience is distributed to those that have hit the monster through melee or spells. If you are using summons, you may not gain any experience.

Experience Bonuses

There are some benefits for continuing to gain experience after you have capped your stats and bought your abilities.

Class Experience Bonus
All If you have less than 10,000 experience, you are considered 'young' and have the option of returning to the Asgard Gardens when you are killed.
Melees 1% evade bonus per 50,000 experience points up to 20%.
Casters 1% evade bonus per 60,000 experience points up to 20%.
Assassin, Fighter, Ranger, Ninja 2% chance to hit per 100,000 experience up to 10%.
Crusader, Knight, Paladin 2% chance to parry per 100,000 experience up to 10%.