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A dungeon event where you must collect 4 special keys to resurrect the spirit of Lord Exodus. The Exodus dungeon can be found in the Central Ilshenar Valley.

For more information, check out the Exodus guide.



A scripted dungeon that has several small events and one large storyline. It is divided into two parts: Doom and the Doom Gauntlet. In the first part, you must obtain the key to the Doom Gauntlet. Once in the Gauntlet, you can obtain several unique items and the Dark Father clothing sets.

For more information, check out the Doom guide.


Fan Dancer Dojo

Named after the inhabitants of the dungeon, Fan Dancers are small females that wield hand-fans as weapons. The entrance is located on the north of Isamu-Jima. The dungeon consists of 3 levels with higher level treasure chests, a great place for rogues.

The Citadel

Located on the east island. You will have to find a small fishing village to transport you or complete the quest there to find out where the transporter is located. The Citadel is broken into 3 separate paths which you will have to find the hidden teleporters to get to the end room.

For more information, check out the The Citadel guide.

Yomotsu Mines

Located on Homare-Jima island, the mines are filled with a creature known as the Yomotsu. The Mine itself isn't very remarkable but at the end is a switch that can summon a boss that in turn summons special demon mounts not found anywhere else.