Crafting Quest

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The Crafting Quest is a combination survival and player-vs-player event. This is a long event and can last up to 3 hours or more.

Players can sign up for the red and blue teams on the forums when the event is announced. Slots are filled to make the two teams even an hour before the event.

When arriving at the event, you must have a completely empty backpack and wearing simple clothes: shirt and pants for men while women can wear a dress or a combination shirt with skirt/pants. A backpack check will be performed before you are allowed to set off on your journey to crafting island. Each team will also pick a leader. Setting up the teams can take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many people show for the event.

Once you arrive at crafting island, you are sent to your end of the island. For the next hour, you must use your skills to forage elements from the island to craft weapons, armor, food and any other necessary items for player-vs-player event. All basic items such as shovels and tools are provided for the leader.

Once the time is up, each side is herded to the great arena inside the mountain. They will face each other in a one-vs-one duel. If they are tied at the end, a battle royale will take place. The victors is the side who remains standing after everyone has been knocked out once.

The prize for this event is a specially-colored mount for each side (given to all who participate) and a special prize for the winning team.