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Classic quests are based on some of the original UO quests where more than one task had to be completed within a questline. Valhalla Classic Quests have a different quest engine and consist of 3-4 chain-long quests with a random reward at the end. In all these quests, you will have to do a mixture of performing tasks and/or visiting different NPCs. These quests tend to take about 30-40 minutes to complete and you may do them again whenever you want.

Identifying a Classic Questgiver

Unlike a normal questgiver that appears in mage gear and is dressed in all one color, classic questgivers can appear as a normal npc just going about their business. The only identifier is when they call out to you for help as you pass near them.

Performing Tasks

The questgiver will give you everything you need to perform the task. Most items only last a week so if you do not finish, you may need to return to the questgiver to get a new item and start that task over. If you require to gather an item by killing enemies, you may not have enough enemies to kill. In this case, you may have to wait for a respawn or talk to the last questgiver again who will ensure there are enough enemies to kill.

  • Note: if the questgiver requires a delivery of an item to another npc, they may not give you anything. In this situation, you can just go to the next npc in the questline to continue. Since items decay over time and you may want to stop at a particular point, it makes it easier to not have to figure out why the next questgiver is ignoring you when you do not have the item anymore.

Time Limits

Unlike the Eventmasters which is a timed event, there is no time to complete a section of the quest. You may continue the quest at any part at any time. However, check the life of quest items below. Some quests may require you perform a task on a specially-spawned npc that for that particular chain in the quest. If the NPC is not there, simply ask the questgiver who gave you that quest and another will be spawned again.

Quest Items

All quest items required to be found and handed in have a one-week life. If an item decays, you may return to the questgiver for another one or you may have to find another item to give to the questgiver.


If you are stuck, there are several ways of getting help. First, you can revisit the current NPC for assistance. You may also visit any of the questgivers within the chain and they will direct you to the right npc for help. Last, you may use your quest button on the paperdoll for where to go.


Rewards are based on the classic quest and are usually random from a pool. Typically, there are about 20 different rewards in the pool that range from basic tickets to special-colored deco items. The chance to get any item in the pool is the same (if there are 20 rewards available, you have a 1 in 20 chance of getting any of the rewards).

Notable Classic Quests

Name Location Description
The Collectors Elwood McCarrin, Galenfel, Valhalla The quest that all classic quests are based - help Elwood find rare items for a special named statue.
Llama's Party Llama Town, Lost Realms The llamas need your help in gathering supplies. Special llama rewards can be won!
The Cult Joraismus, Uppsalla, Lost Realms Help Joraismus spread the word for unique rewards and a chance at the lockbox of the ancients.
Closing The Rift Nassin Zer, Lok-Okri'Kazad, Lost Realms Help a foolish old man unravel the secrets of the rift. Two different endings results in different rewards include imbuing materials and unique deco.
Bear's Busy Day Buck Rogers, Hidden Valley, Valhalla Wonder why Bear doesn't answer pages right away... he's got a lot on his to-do list so he could use your help. Rewards include his personal lockbox and special bear-related deco.