Bounty Hunter

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The Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter requires you to perform 3 tasks: collect heads and/or items across the realms. You will be given the tasks ahead of time to choose whether you want to do them or not. If you do not accept the bounty, the bounty hunter will ignore you for a short time. Only afterwards will you be able to ask for another bounty.

Heads and items are located somewhere within the 5 realms. You will not be given any hints to where you have to find them. Good luck! When you have the heads or items, simply drop them onto the bounty hunter for assessment.

You can access your bounty list by using .bounty.

There is no time limit to complete a bounty.

There is only one bounty hunter that gives out the bounties. However, you can find the bounty hunter in different towns so you just need to visit any of them to start and finish the bounty. All bounty hunters give out the same bounties and prizes.

Prizes are based on the difficulty of the total bounty. Having to bring back the head of a boss or champion monster will raise the number of chances you get for prizes. The minimum amount of prizes you will receive is 4 and you can get up to 7 prizes for a very difficult bounty. The chance for receiving gold for each prize chance is roughly 49%.

  • Tip: For convenience, you can put all the heads/items in a bag and drop the bag onto the bounty hunter instead of dropping each individual piece.