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Boats are good for traveling to remote areas that have no public moon gates. When you first obtain a boat deed, you can unfold the boat onto some water. The boat's forward facing is determined by the direction you are facing. Try to line yourself against the shoreline so you can place the boat. The entire boat must be placed on water. After traveling, the boat will return to your backpack as a toy boat.

As the owner of the boat, you are placed on the deck of the boat. For others to gain access to your boat, you must extend the planks. There are two ways to do this: either make sure the key is in your backpack (or on a keyring) and double-click the section of the boat's rail where the plank extends out or say extend planks. If you plan on leaving the boat somewhere, keep it locked as anyone can access it from the shore if it is close enough.

Getting on and off the boat has proven to be a challenge for many people. The problem is that you have to maneuver the boat just right so that the shoreline is level with the boat. If the shoreline is too high, you will not be able to get off the boat.

The holds on the boat work as a container. If you wish to keep an extra store of supplies in the hold, remember to keep it locked as anyone can access the hold.

If you die on the boat your tiller man can still see you and accept your commands.

Know that the open ocean does spawn water elementals, sea serpents and any sea creatures for that matter. You may be able to outrun or out-maneuver some mobs. Other dangers lurk in the waters and you can be caught in a whirlpool.

Navigating can be tricky. You cannot use a map and plot courses like on OSI shards. The tiller man cannot read maps (he must've missed that class). He will say only respond with an Eh? What's this?. You can use a sextant and your radar and a general overall map that you have. It is easier to use a third party mapping program such as the one in UO Steam or UOAM.

The world is flat! Do not expect to sail up from Bifrost to get to the Eastfall. You can sail right into the corner of the world and hit an invisible barrier. You will have to sail all the way around the continent to get to the other side so keep that in mind while your planning your course.


There are two ways to obtain a boat. Shipwright merchants are in many towns that are close to water and will sell you a basic boat. If you want a fancy dragon model that have a dragon's head on the bow, you will need to find a highly-skilled carpenter to upgrade your basic model to the dragon boat.

Boat Type Cost Availability
Row Boat 10,000gp Sold by Harbormaster
Small Boat 25,000gp Sold by shipwright
Small Dragon Boat - Upgraded by carpenter
Medium Boat 50,000gp Sold by shipwright
Medium Dragon Boat - Upgraded by carpenter
Large Boat 80,000gp Sold by shipwright
Large Dragon Boat - Upgraded by carpenter
Galleons see section on Galleons

The rowboat is the smallest of boats. It does not have a tillerman so all movement is done manually. It is useful for traveling between galleons.


There are several different ways to navigate your boat: using a variety of spoken commands that will navigate you through the deadliest of waters, using your number keypad (refer to your macros which keys do what) or using one of many boat navigation add-on programs. If you say tiller or menu while near or on the boat, a small navigation menu will pop up with some basic functions. While this menu is up, the boat will come to a stop until the command is issued.

Command Result
sail forward [full]
unfurl sail
Moves you forward. Adding full makes you go at full speed.
sail back Moves you backward.
sail forward left
sail forward right
sail back left
sail back forward
Moves you forward and to the left (or right) at the same time. The commands 'sail back left' and 'sail back right' work the same way, but the boat moves backwards.
sail right
sail left
Moves the boat to the right or to the left.
sail stop
furl sail
Stops the boat.
sail starboard
sail turn right
Turns the boat 90 degrees to the right.
sail port
sail turn left
Turns the boat 90 degrees to the left.
sail come about Turns the boat 180 degrees.
drydock Turns your boat into a portable ship model. Nothing can be on deck or in the hold.
swab the deck The tiller man will clean off all the items and corpses on the deck. Pick up anything you want to keep beforehand otherwise its going overboard.
extend planks Extends and unlocks both of the boat's planks.
sail troll
sail trawl
Allows you to "fish" for ocean spawn creatures. See Trawling for more information.


You can now specifically use a boat to try to find evil sea creature things. While on your boat out in deep water away from land (at least 10 tiles away from land) and relatively motionless (not sailing at full speed, basically) say either 'sail troll' or 'sail trawl'.

The tiller man will ask you to pick a fish to use as bait to attract the sea creatures. The better the fish you use (in terms of how much that fish will sell for), the better the creature that will tend to show up. Order of the fish quality is: Fish, Beige fish, Purple fish, Gold fish, Odd fish, Peculiar fish, Strange fish, and Eccentric fish. Your fishing skill helps to determine how long it takes for something to show up but doesn't affect what type of creature shows up. Some of the monsters are kind of nasty, so it won't hurt to take a friend or two. And beware the kraken which can be stirred from his peaceful slumber from the bottom of the ocean.


Galleons are large-scaled ships that have advanced fire-power and can sustain a greater amount of damage. All galleons are earned by completing the quest associated with that galleon. Galleons can take damage, however, they will not show it until the next time they are put out to sea.

Galleon Quests

Acquiring any galleon requires ship plans to build. Where you get the ship plans and how many you need depend on the quest. With the exception of the Britannian, once you have the ship plans, use one of them and they will combine into the boat deed. The typical chance of acquiring a plan is around 5%. Ship plans are tradeable.

All quests can be obtained at The Wharf. The Wharf is a floating dock located at the very top right of the Valhalla Map. There appears to be a problem with magic and gating spells do not seem to work.


Requires: Skeleton Key

Amount: 4

Gaining the Britannian is a lofty ambition. First, you must already own one of the galleons below and have it equipped with cannons. Next, go to the privateer board located at and look through the available quests. The quests remain the same until one is completed. Once you have accepted the quest to bring a notorious privateer to justice, you must sail out to the coordinates to start the event! When you get close to the privateer, they will begin attacking you with their cannons. Cannoneers will appear to light these cannons so dispatch them quickly with your own cannons or a ranged class! You must attack the boat with your cannons until it has sustained enough damage to be boarded. Once you board the boat, attack the privateer then attack the boat enough times to sink it. As it sinks, debris wil remain floating at the top and with some luck, you may find a skeleton key.

Once you have 3 skeleton keys, go to the shipyard in Folkvang. You will find a safe hidden in the back. Use the keys to open the safe and retrieve the Britannian deed. If you only have 3 keys, a rogue with grandmaster lockpicking may be able to pick the last lock but beware... if you fail, all the keys will be lost.


Requires: Ancient Ship Part

Amount: 8

Two ancient creatures of the sea hold these plans. King Kraken or the Sirens can be found near Volstagg Island on Valhalla while Selma can be found resting around Thaeser's Point in Lost Realms. Beware though... both have the power to summon powerful sea creatures to aid them in their attacks. Each of them has a 2-5% chance to drop the ancient ship plans as loot.

All the creatures on the sea are on a boss timer cooldown for when they will appear next... however, you can get an object that will aid you in finding where they are resting until they decide to appear on the surface again. The Oracle of the Sea (a spyglass), obtained through the fishing quests, will tell you the exact location of King Kraken!


Requires: Ruined Ship Plans

Amount: 8

Accept a quest from the professional bounty hunter at the Wharf. You will have to already have a boat to travel out to sea to kill a pirate who has been harassing the shipping lanes. This is a timed quest and you may only accept one at a time. Travel out to the location given by the bounty hunter and look for signs the pirate is there (you will be given warnings as you get closer to the spot). Once you are close enough, the pirate will attempt to board your ship and attack you. Once the pirate is dead, rewards are given automatically: 5% chance for a ruined ship plan, 15% chance for a cannonball or a small sum of gold.


Requires: Ruined Ship Manual

Amount: 8

The Tokuno class ship quests are all about fishing! Bring your boat up to the fishmonger and ask for a quest. Your boat has to be within range of the fisherman. Based on your fishing skill, he will give you a quest to fish up different types of fish. See [Fishing]] for a complete list of fish and where to find them. A crate will appear at the back of your boat to store the fish. If you drydock your boat while this crate is attached, you will lose the quest and have to start a new one. Once you have filled the crate, return to the fishmonger (and say quest again) to complete and a chance at a ruined ship manual.

Boat Accessories

Boat Paint

Color your boat (not galleon) one of several colors available from the Harbormaster. The Harbormaster can be found at The Wharf, Portsmith and the Asgard Docks. Use the boat paint while the boat is in deed form in your backpack. The boat's color is not permanent and will fade over use. Simply re-apply a fresh coat to the boat to make it look good as new again!


Galleons have the ability to purchase usable cannons. There are three cannons available. The bigger the cannon, the more damage it can do. Cannon last until they are destroyed or the galleon is returned to a deed. 48 Pounder - 5000gp 18 Pounder - 2500gp 4 Pounder - 1000gp

Items Required

Type Crafting Skill Skill Req Materials
cannonball blacksmithy 30 skill 3 ingots
grapeshot blacksmithy 30 skill 1 cloth, 6 ingots
fusecord alchemy 80 1 ball of yarn, 1 water
Swab (one only) tinkering 50 skill 4 wool, 4 boards
ramrod (one only) tinkering 50 skill 8 boards
torch carpentry 30 skill 1 log

Procedure for firing the cannon

  • Clean cannon: clean out the cannon using the swab.
  • Charge cannon: use a powdered charge.
  • Load cannon: load using a normal cannonball or grapeshot with a ramrod,
  • Prime cannon: use a lit match and fuse cord. Only prime the cannon once you are ready to fire it.


Galleons can be repaired by giving the deed/toy boat to the Harbormaster.