Arms Lore

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Arms Lore is how well you can handle your weapon while in combat. It is a direct combat calculation giving you extra perks while in fighting with weapons. It is most beneficial to those who can put it as a secondary or primary skill. Arms Lore requires a minimum of 61 skill. Those with 60 skill or less will not see any extra perks while fighting.

Chance to Hit

You are given a boost in the chance to hit formula by 25% of your arms lore skill.

Critical Strike

Critical damage is increased by 50% of your arms lore skill.

Bonus Damage

For those with 61 to 80 arms lore, you are given an additional 1 bonus damage point. If you have 81 to 90 skill, you are given 2 bonus damage points. If you have 91 to 100, you are given 3 bonus damage points. If you have over 100, you 1 bonus damage point for every 5 arms lore above 60.

Chance to Parry

If you are using a 2H weapon in defensive mode, you have a (arms lore / 20) chance to increase the parry chance amount.

Note: Arms Lore is typically used to determine an item's condition. On Valhalla Lost, use the blacksmithy skill [click the blue diamond beside the skill in your skillbook] to determine item condition for metal, wooden and tailored items. You will also need to pass a skillcheck to determine the condition depending on the type of item: blacksmithy for metal items, woodworking for wooden items and tailoring for tailored items. The item condition will give you an accurate description how badly worn it is: brand new, virtually new, relatively new, somewhat worn, rather worn, and rather badly worn. This title will give you a general idea of the remaining number of repairs that can be made to the item.