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Armor consists of two values: the base value and a possible bonus (on Valhalla, the bonus can go up to +10 points as identified below). Your armor rating [AR] is the amount of armor wearing including bonuses. This value can be found on your status bar.

Identifier Bonus
Defense/Quality 2
Guarding, Exceptional 4
Protection 6
Fortification 8
Invulnerability 10

Prefix Bonus
Fine 2
Durable 4
Rugged 6
Tempered 8
Indestructible 10

Prefix bonuses relate to two things: item durability and magic bonus. The armor with a higher durability prefix will last longer in combat. For example, an indestructible tunic will last longer than a tempered tunic. If the armor has a skill bonus on it, the prefix refers to how much of the bonus you get. For example, a rugged leather tunic of macefighting gives a +6 bonus to macefighting.

  • Note: an indestructible armor does not mean it is indestructible. It is just a description.

Armor Coverage

Each piece covers a certain amount of your body. It also determines the likelihood of taking armor damage in that area. Note: your armor rating is determined by all the armor you are wearing and when you are struck, your armor rating is used to determine damage reduction.

Body Area Coverage
Chest 44%
Head 14%
Legs 14%
Arms 14%
Neck 7%
Hands 7%

Base Armor Ratings

The maximum armor rating for each type of armor. This does not include magical bonuses.

Armor Type Rating Dexterity Loss (1)
Leather 12 No
Bone 15 No
Studded Leather 17 No
Ringmail 20 No
Chainmail 21 1 - 5
Plate 25 2 - 6
Elven Hide 20 No
Elven Light Hide 14 No
Dragon Plate (2) 32 4 - 12
Daedric 30 4 - 12

(1) Dexterity loss is per item with the gloves/gorget giving the lowest loss and the chest giving the highest loss. (2) Dragon Plate is available only during special events.

Armor Caps

Each class has armor caps. They can only equip up to a base level cap. This cap does not include armor rating bonuses. The cap does not stop you from wearing any different types of armor thus a mage can wear plate but since plate has a high base AR, they will likely not be able to wear much else in armor.

For example, your character has an armor cap of 8.

A base ringmail tunic is calculated as 17 and the coverage is 44% (see charts above). Your armor rating will be 17 x 0.44 = 7 AR (values are rounded to the nearest whole value). If you wear this, you will only be able to wear some gloves or a gorget. The lowest is leather gloves/gorget which is 12 x 0.07 = 1 AR. Anything else will put you over.

A ringmail tunic of invulnerability has a +10 bonus. The new calculation will be (17+10) x 0.44 = 12 AR.

Crafted Armor

Crafted armor is made by tailors and blacksmiths. These are good, durable armor that can last a long time but often gives lower bonuses. If the crafter upgrades the armor, they can receive a +2 (quality) or +4 (exceptional) bonus. Crafters also have a chance to make masterpiece armor. These armor are much hardier than normal, can be named by the crafter and can give a bonus all the way to +10. Use your magery skill to identify the bonus on the armor.

Magic Armor

Magic armor can only be found as loot. Before it is useable, it must be identified (by using your magery skill). Magic armor can have a bonus all the way up to +10.

Magic Restrictions

Mages and bards are not penalized for using metal armor.

Shields will block casting.

Armor Sets

Armor of the Einherjar

Gathered from the various Einherjar bosses and colored a special GM color from Valerie, the AE Artist. This set is non-magical but the weapon is lightning-enchanted after coloring.

Leather set: tunic, pants, sleeves, gloves, coif, gorget, dagger, boots

Bone set: tunic, legs, helm, arms, gloves, flail, shield, sandals

Ringmail set: tunic, legs, coif, arms, gloves, stave, boots

Chainmail set: tunic, legs, coif, gloves, bow, boots

Platemail set: chest, legs, helm, gorget, arms, gloves, sword, shield

Dark Father Set

A magic platemail set found in the Gauntlet of Doom: Mask of the Dark Father, Shield of the Dark Father, chest, legs, gorget, arms, gloves. There is no weapon associated with this set.

Majestic Set

A magic clothing set found in the Gauntlet of Doom: robe, cloak, bustier (for females), jodhpurs, arms, boots.

Orc Set

A special leather set to compliment your orc. Can only be bought from the boutique vendor or given out as prizes during special events.

Daedric Set

Can only be made from the blacksmithy crafting scrolls.