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Title: Archer
Trained By: Bowyer, Beekeeper, Carpenter, Farmer, Ranger

The archery skill improves your chances of using bows and crossbows effectively in combat. With the exception of the firebow, all other bows can be poisoned.

Bows and crossbows can choose whether they use elemental ammo or normal ammo. Just equip the bow and use it to select which ammo to use. Normal ammo does not add any extra damage to the bow. Elemental ammo adds an additional 5% elemental damage but only if it is used with a bow that has the same kind of elemental damage. For example, if your bow has 20% cold damage, only using cold arrows will add the 5% bonus. If you use an incompatible ammo with an elemental bow, three things can happen: you will do normal damage, you will do excessive damage (up to 2x the normal amount due to the different elements reacting to each other) or the bow will shatter. It is a small chance of the bow shattering but it can happen.

Weapon Ammo Type Attacks
(per 10 secs)
Damage Cast? Hands
Bow Arrow 5.25 5-25 No 2
Crossbow Bolt 3.62 12-47 No 2
Firebow Fire Arrow 4.00 7-37 No 2
Fukiya Dart 3.77 4-17 No 2
Heavy Crossbow Bolt 3.33 12-60 No 2
Long Bow and Quiver Arrow 3.65 11-41 No 2
Composite Bow Arrow 4.55 10-30 No 2
Repeating Crossbow Bolt 3.92 13-37 No 2
Elven Composite Long Bow Arrow 3.95 7-52 No 2
Magical Shortbow Arrow 7.65 7-16 Yes 2
Yumi Arrow 4.80 9-45 No 2

  • The Fire Bow will not accept any other arrows other than the fire arrow.
  • The Fukiya uses darts created by a carpenter.
  • Due to our combat system not being constant between swings with a slight variation depending on your dexterity, the numbers above may be slightly off. However, the difference is minimal.
  • Due to an error in the UO files, the Elven Composite Long Bow shows up as the Elven Composite Lo.